Brainy Beauty Talk: Nabi 24 pieces Eyeliner (Imported)

We are happy to introduce our new young fashion writer Saradha Sankar here. She will be writing on beauty and fashion currently in rage with tips and exhaustive reviews – Katie.

Hey Guys,

I am very happy to be a part of the ChennaiFocus team :-).

I love Makeup so much that most of my allowances go to these purchases every month. Whenever any person I know comes from US or UK, I fill their suitcases with lots of make up stuff. Why? because in other countries, you get  good products at cheap rates. The last time, our family friend came from the US, I discovered this  awesome brand ( basically a wholesaler type of brand) which is based in California and gives you  nice, good quality products at a drop dead price.

So, Here I am, reviewing their amazing wholesale eyeliner set





Name- 24pcs Nabi High Quality Eyebrow and Eyeliner Pencil

Price- $9

Available in –, ( It is $15 in both ebay and ShopNabi)
Only gives you this low price ( $9)

Things I loved-
The pencils are delightfully smooth and pigmented and for someone who are slowly working on their makeup skills, that ease of use is a must!
I am of a wheatish complexion and the fact that these show up on my skin tone so flawlessly is so awesome !! It also suits Indian skin tones.

Things that sucked-
These pencils do not stay for long and fade quickly. For making it last for a little more time, use a  primer before using the eyeliner.
Out of the 24 colors, about three fourth of the colors are blues and browns. There are no reds or  oranges and the greens show off  more like blacks.

 Would I buy it again?
I would say that this product is really worth that 9 bucks and I would definitely buy it again 🙂 ( It is  worth that money for god’s sake :-P)

I have also ordered another 12pc lipliners set from another wholesale brand ( I love cheap stuff :-P) and will be reviewing it as soon as it arrives.

*This post is not a sponsored post. The money for buying this comes from my “Being a good girl” allowance 🙂

About Saradha Sankar

A freelance food and lifestyle photographer from India. Passionate about Photography and Blogging. Spends her free time listening to Maroon 5, Calvin Harris, Eminem and Rihanna and reading books. An avid foodie and make-up enthusiast. Photographer and guest blogger for .

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  1. Don’t understand much of this being the opposite sex, but i trust what you have written…and very well described.. 🙂

  2. will try for one of outings such as weddings & receptions

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