#Chennai – Try Jalpaan for Italian Vegetarian Dishes and North Indian Food Too

We are a family of foodies and when we got the opportunity to do a restaurant review for RnMOnAskMe which I interpreted as Restaurant Majors On Ask Me, I immediately got onto the job to identify the restaurant using the Askme app I installed on my smartphone. It is not an easy task given my preference for vegetarian food and this time I was looking for Italian cuisine. I searched through the app and landed up with a number of entries (never knew so many Italian restaurants in Chennai) and we set our eyes on Jalpaan for their innovative combination of cuisines. Normal combinations we see in restaurants are Texan – Mexican, Italian, North Indian South Indian, Chinese cuisines. This restaurant had a unique combination of Italian, North Indian vegetarian food. Decided to try it out and checked out the locations and there was one nearby at Adyar, Chennai. Checked out Google and saw that the restaurant was closed on Saturdays. We were surprised because restaurants do not normally close and choosing Saturdays was much more intriguing given the business they get on weekends. We tried calling them and there was no answer and we assumed they must be closed. We are not sure if it is a regular closure or a one off occasion. So we decided to check out their restaurant in another location quite faraway from our place.

The other restaurant is located in Greams Road, Thousand lights, opposite MRF and behind the Bharat Petroleum pump, in a new building in First floor. We have to go behind the building to get to the restaurant. We got slightly doubtful if we chose the right restaurant but when we reached Jalpaan in first floor, we were comfortable. What drew our attraction first is the neat waiting place with sofas. This is one thing very much lacking today in most restaurants when we have to wait for long standing with people mulling to find some space to stand. It shows us that they care for their customers. Impressed we entered the hotel and it was spacious with number of tables and a bright décor.




We were escorted to a table and the waiter did the honors by helping us seat comfortably in our chairs. The menu card was a book and had a wide array of dishes. Jalpaan has only Thali and a la carte service. No buffet. There were soups, Enchilada, Quesadilla, Nachos, Pasta, Desi starters, Kebab, Chaat, Rotis, Side dishes, Rice, Shorbet, Juices, Mocktails, and Desserts.

We started with Hot Basil Pomedaro Soup, knowing well that our eating is set out to experiment with many dishes we ordered for 1 by 2 soup which the bearer happily accepted.




 We moved onto starters and decided to have a go at one Italian and one North Indian dish and chose Big Nachos and Sarsonwala Paneer.  Big Nachos was nice and lip smacking and a must try for Italian food lovers. It was loaded with tortilla with lettuce, red onions, peppers, tomatoes with a salsa seasoning. It was sprinkled with black olive and jalapeno peppers. The nachos sauce and sour cream was too good and can be termed as the best we had till date. Sarsonwala paneer did not impress us much and was a bit bland even when combined with the green chutney.




Having had a sumptuous taste of Italian food and a paneer starter, we moved to roti and subji. The subzi we picked up was Jantar Mantar, a range of fresh vegetable, anardana and corn niblets with traditional gravy. Though the menu and the restaurant claimed it to be truly mesmerizing, to us it was good, nothing to claim it as extraordinary. We did feel we could have opted for something better to go with our roti. From the rice bowl, we tried out a sizzler for a change, Sizzler Dum Aloo Makai Biryani. The biryani was very spicy and the sizzler had theatre in it as it was served. Though it was spicy, we enjoyed it as the dishes we had earlier were devoid of the redness of the great Indian spice trail. You can see the smoke on the biriyani as the bearer brought it.




Now we moved to the dessert section and opted for a sizzling brownie and a Pink Panther Mocktail. The restaurant has cream and juice mocktails. We preferred the creamy one, Pink Panther made of strawberry, pineapple, almond, hazelnut so beautifully blended with cream. It was rich, tasted creamy and lived to its description. Sizzling brownie was good and the brownie had fruits in it which we did not expect and turned out to be a surprise.





As we were waiting to check out, we were served with a small glass of green milk. When we questioned the bearer, he said it is a PAN SHOT given complimentary at the end of the meal. It was awesome, never had something like this before and we wanted More and More.


Though we had kebabs and pasta in our to-eat list, we had to contend with what we had eaten as the quantity this restaurant serves is much more than what is served in a typical restaurant. We would advise anybody trying out this restaurant to keep this in their mind while ordering.

For Jains, they have Jain food available which is a big plus, not seen or offered in many restaurants. We are not in a position to comment on the quality of the food as we did not try out any Jain food.

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  1. Awesome.. Thanks for sharing.. 🙂

  2. ok will do sometimes when i am in chennai 🙂

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