For #Chennai Authentic Punjabi Food Lovers – Pait Pooja, Vegetarian Joint in Chennai

Authentic food is a different game altogether. So when it comes to scouting for one, it became a tougher search as we went from one restaurant to another, went through so many sites, reviews, people and yet the search was ongoing. Foreign foods in India undergo a change to suit Indian palates. Try the original and it is probably not the one you had here. Having been a lover of authentic Punjabi food ( the not so masala gravy type side dishes you get here) I was looking out for one to satiate my taste buds. After quite a search, found a small joint (has about 4 to 5 tables) but neatly maintained and run by Sardarjis. I have a great respect for them and their work ethics. This place called Pait Pooja is in Thuraipakkam (closer to OMR) on the 200 feet road connecting Pallavaram to OMR. Though my family had apprehensions for going all out to this place which was quite a drive from our residence, I was insistent that this might be the authentic Punjabi food experience we are looking for and we were not disappointed. This post is without pictures of food because they are not presentation conscious and serve the food in disposables. The look might pull the air off the interest to visit the place, nevertheless the food was class and lip smacking to the core.

We had a difficult time to reach this place which was just the size of a shop, again I am reiterating the place is decent for a family to sit and eat and neatly maintained. Enquiry nearby could not help us to locate this place so if you are visiting the place, this direction might be of help. It is 50 mts to the left before the Toll Plaza if you are coming from OMR. So if you are coming from Pallikaranai, it is 50mts after the Toll plaza to the right. If you find it difficult, you can call them in this number 8124704806 and you can converse in English also. The joint is open only for lunch and dinner. 12 Noon to 3 PM and 7PM for 10 PM

We ordered starters to get the taste of the authenticity of the food served. We began with Gobi Manchurian and Paneer Tikka. Gobi Manchurian was perfectly Punjabi style and Paneer Tikka was good. Green chutney was good and made a great accompaniment.

Next was Main Course – We went for Kadai vegetable and Sarson ki Saag. Not many north Indian restaurants in Chennai serve Sarson ki Saag. It was out of the world and so was that masala devoid Kadai vegetable. It was like home food you get in Punjab and the Tawa Phulka with Butter is the best we have had anywhere. We also had Mango pickle, again Punjabi style on our table and it was so delicious. We asked for onion salad (!), they served it and happily added the cost to the bill. Then we had Mushroom Fried rice Punjabi style but could not find much difference in comparison to what was served in other restaurants. Yes but we had sufficient quantity of mushrooms in the rice.

In Dessert, we had many options, but we stuck to Sweet Lassi. There are many varieties of Lassi – fruit, dry fruit, special, normal, and malai. We went for normal lassi and malai lassi. Punjabis are known for their lassi and it lived upto their name. Food was tastefully spicy and so sweet lassi was a welcome dessert and was nice to cool those burning palate.

Cost wise this place is costly but it is fine as the food stands testimony to their commitment to use Ghee and Mineral water to cook the food. Understandably the price is high. With all we ate, we had a bill of Rs.1100/- Service was good, food is prepared in the front and the joint has a thick plastic sheet in the entrance to prevent any kind of smoke of preparation or pollution to enter in. It is a smart move and we could enjoy the food in peace amidst the din of a busy road outside.

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  1. Great to know about this Punjabi place. There was another wonderful bengali place (the name was aahar I guess) near the Comissioner’s office, is it still there?

    They provided wonderful authentic food.

  2. Great to know you like Punjabi food. I am not Punjabi but my mom is and i can speak Punjabi also.

    I used to have food from a small joint in New York near Times Square and loved it every time 😊

    Thanks for sharing…who knows, I might need it one day!

  3. WOWO now that is something that I need to visiti for sure 🙂 punjabi foood who can say no to that …

  4. Thanks for sharing…will help many.. 🙂

  5. Aha! I am an ardent fan of Punjabi food. Thanks for sharing such a valuable information.

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