Talking Parrot –Gather More Information, Do Research before Buying a Home

Buying a home is an ambitious dream of every household and a shelter of our own is a common term found in discussions. Owning a home cannot be a one time over the counter decision. It involves discussions on money, convenience, expectations to arrive at the basic idea of how a home should be and this is the starting point. With homes being offered right from heart of the city to outskirts, we have so much information to digest, visit, think, analyze and it is practically impossible to go and visit every project in the desired area to know what is in store for us.

The best way to approach is understand our requirements clearly and focus on it. Now we are all set with the budget, number of rooms, facilities expected and also an approximate idea of the money that could be invested in our home. This is the stage that we should start looking for expert help. The reason is we need lot more information and specifics to get to the home that we want and to make sure it remains within our expectations and budget. We just cannot afford to make a mistake here but unfortunately people buy home without proper research and information and end up living in a place which is nowhere near the startup discussion. Naturally, with such an investment, it is not easy to change or rewind the decisions taken. We are stuck for life with it.

Each and every real estate project is unique on its own. Getting detailed information for each project is vital. The question is what kind of information do we need? There are roughly about 70 to 80 information points every project has and must be assessed and the builder may not offer all this information to you through his brochure or website. It is quite difficult for a common man to know all these data points. Some of the headings in which these points can be categorized are location, plan details, amenities, about the project itself, builder details, and specifications to name a few. It really pays to know what amenities are included to clearly understand what is excluded. For example, power backup, security, lift, water storage facilities, rain water harvesting availability are some of the points to check for which can really make an impact in places like Chennai, Bengaluru where water and power shortage is in abundance.

The next area of concern is our budget shooting beyond our planned expenditure. We should be aware of hidden or additional charges that might make a sudden entry. Even a 1%, 2% VAT can make a big difference to our budget. It can be quite helpful if you can get an analysis of the floor plan and carpet area to ensure what you see is what you get and the common area expense that you incur and also if it is enough to give you space to live a comfortable life.

When we talk about buying home, it also extends to the quality of the neighborhood (what if you have a factory next door? Or a warehouse where goods keep arriving or being taken out?). Also the availability of necessary service providers such as hospital, shopping complex matters if we ought to live there. Next is the question of connectivity to other places – availability of train, bus, various modes of transport, frequency and motorable roads. We have to make sure all these points are carefully considered before purchasing a home.

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It is quite common that we are spoilt for choices and arrive at number of projects that satisfy our criteria. In this case, it is the finer points that matter based on our priority and hence comparison of the factors help. It is not an easy task to go about researching all these information by ourselves. There are number of sites catering the needs of home buyers. We liked this site named RealtyCompass which had all the elements discussed above and more. We could even get expert advice on the project and we were astounded at the detailing we found on each project listed with them. It is worth giving a look at their site before going for purchasing your home.

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