India Enters Another Technology Revolution with 4G Services by Airtel

Mobile revolution has taken us into its wings and before we could decipher what those jargons were, we started flying with it. If we look back and see, terms such as 2G, 3G, 4G, mobile data, GSM, SMS. MMS has just flown into our vocabulary and with least understanding of the terms, we are subscribers to it and enjoy what the product is as defined by our service provider or the salesperson. It could even be our friend who has suggested to us to go for 3G since it is better than 2G and also advised us to go for a 4G mobile if we are planning to buy one.

So when we started mobile communication, we used analog signals. Remember the days when exiting the city would cut you off from being in contact. Essentially it is 1G and since the concept of G was not there, so it was named as such. By the way, G stands for Generation and relates to various development in the mobile communication sector in other words, wireless communication, techniques adopted, services offered, capability, capacity to reach and power to perform.

Analog communication gave way to Digital and this came to be known as 2G where we could get better quality voice connections that were stable and reliable too. When 2G came up, we could text and also send multimedia messages. Though today we have 2G mobile data connectivity, it was not there during the time 2G was ruling. It came up only after 3G was introduced. 2G mainly worked on improving voice calls and its quality.

Mobile data was launched with 3G and we saw the era of voice and data combined together. 3G promised decent internet connection capable of watching HD YouTube videos while 2G data gave us basic internet connectivity. Voice calls underwent further refinement with awesome channels. 3G gave us the comfort of seamless internet connection in travel as it made use of better bandwith. So we could browse while travelling in bus, car or train. Many of us are thankful to GPS for getting to places which we never would have without detours. Technically there were shifts from CDMA to W-CDMA and HSPA and various releases improvised and offered advancement over existing technology.

We always find broadband operators offering better speeds when compared to mobile data. Blame it on the technology mobile data was adapting till now, with the launch of 4G, we can confidently say we are now moving into broadband wireless communication.

This movement into the era of 4G communication is a paradigm shift from how voice and data were handled in earlier generations to how it is handled now. We all know that voice communication can be held through internet, in other words data connection. 4G uses the same technique and uses data networks for voice calls too. Earlier generations, voice calls were managed separately using voice channels. This gives more room for data and hence much better bandwith and higher connection speeds, stability and reliability.


airtel4G is naturally a better option and for users interested in switching to 4G, Airtel is the first operator to launch 4G services nationwide across 296 cities recently. If you are an Airtel customer, you can get your 4G SIM free at your doorsteps by requesting one in the website. And if pricing is your concern, all you pay is your 3G plan charges, nothing extra. Nice opportunity to try out 4G without any extra cost. Yes, one thing! your mobile must be 4G compatible and you can check that too in the site and also do check the 4G mobiles on sale if you are interested to purchase one.

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  1. I wrote about them too…hope they keep up the excitement with their services!

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