My Home – Splash of Love in the Traditional Way with a Touch of Modernity


My home is a lovely combination of beautiful minds working together sometimes and channeling their own way most of the times but yet there is harmony, peace and happiness. Such a beautiful place with warm interiors, I mean the hearts, deserves to have it physically too. We managed to have the construction done and made it up to the best of our abilities but still there is always that missing element, the finesse. Ours is an independent home with open space and constructed space. My idea of #HomeCanvas for the Transform and Upload activity by Godrej Interio is not extravagant yet pretty to accommodate every teeny bit of belonging etched in each square feet of space.

Our living room

Our living room is a beautiful 200 feet of space where we meet people, enjoy get-togethers and have family times. TheFamily-Portrait-sm room color should exhibit vibrancy, a bit of sunshine and also extrude warmth. My husband is in the media and has number of mementos, shields and would love that to be the center of attraction. So we need an exclusive area to showcase his achievements not to leave behind my daughter who has her collection of memorabilia. I want to differentiate between my husband and my daughter in colors and positioning to make sure one does not overlap or supersede the other. In all, the living room should give a source of comfort to people walking into my home and also make it homely with simple and limited furniture, preferably with space to sit down and minimal furnishing. Few types of greenery here and there would certainly be a welcome addition.

Our Kitchen

Our kitchen should be bright and is the place where we do lot of experiments, trials and of course videos on the proceedings. So the kitchen should have dynamism in its presentation with earmarked positions for gadgets and appliances. We do have a puja area here which should be remodeled to provide us serenity and peace and clearly cleverly demarcated from the kitchen. I would love to have an herbal garden in the kitchen and also rearrangements to present creativity and a little play of colors. I need a dining section earmarked to showcase my collection of crockery from across the world. We believe in not using dining tables and eating by sitting down. Our space should add value to this policy of ours, an invitation to have a hearty lunch or dinner with us. Earthen colors would suit best and my personal preference is for a kitchen with a traditional touch.

Our BedroomsSUNP0257

We would like our bedroom with a beautiful night sky in the ceiling and a feeling of living in a cottage opening up to a large garden or beach. Colors should be subdued and a suitable presentation of our bay window would be a great plus. Love to have paintings around that depicts beautiful sceneries or rose gardens that appeals to my senses. This also doubles up as a spiritual haven where I do my spiritual practices and a quiet corner would do a lot of value addition. It would be great to have neat wardrobes that do not protrude or disturb the tranquility and yes, with a dressing area equipped with suitable storage.

My daughter’s bedroom also serves as her work room and so should take a dual purpose, one with a peppy tone and other with a subdued tone. Some wall decals would certainly add charm and so would splash of colors on the work study section. She has her color preferences and it would really work well if she is consulted on her choice.

My ideal idea is smart use of my space to create interiors that exudes charm combined with utility and purpose tuned to my comfort.

I am participating in the  Upload and Transform #HomeCanvas activity in association with Godrej Interio and BlogAdda. If you are not blogging, you can still be a part of this activity. Here’s how

*Family Portrait Drawing by Laura Nicole is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 Canada License.

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