Entering the Italian Cuisine Boundary with Boiled Chifferi Rigati Vegetable Rich Salad

This post and activity is the witness to my transition from a traditional home-grown cook to an amateur cook ready to experiment with international dishes with a twist that so innately represents the dish yet suited to Indian palates. If this effort is not done, my garbage bucket has a huge mouth to gobble up every morsel that comes its way. I am sure I am not alone. In one of my conversation with a Chinese cook ( He is from China but living in India for quite a long time), he mentioned that the Chinese dishes we eat here is nowhere near the Original dishes and the noodles and fried rice have been ‘Indianized’ to appeal to our taste. This was a shocking revelation to me since I thought and believed that I was consuming Chinese dishes. So every foreign recipe entering India undergoes a transition to suit Indian palate and hence we see ‘Tandoori Pizza’, (Italians must try this!) and ‘Paneer Tikka Burger’ (Do Americans know this?) etc.

So when I volunteered to prepare an authentic dish for Del Monte, they were generous enough to send me a packet of pasta to try my hands on. The idea is to create a dish with a twist and Thank God! I am good at that. A general Google search on Pasta was enough to scare me with so many varieties and each carrying its own characteristics and usage. So many days went by staring at the packet and thinking on the possible dish that could awe (!) the Italians and also make sure it is eaten by the family.

By the way, the pasta I got was Chifferi Rigati and I am not going through its background or other historical facts. It is available in abundance in Google search.

Boiled Chifferi Rigati Vegetable Rich Salad 

Serves 2

Preparation time – 10 minutes

Cooking time –  20 minutes


Del Monte Chifferi Rigati Pasta – 100 gms

Onion (Medium Size) – 1 (Finely chopped) – 100 gm

Garlic (pods) – 3 or 4 medium sized

Green Capsicum (medium size) – 1 (deseeded and chopped into small cubes) – 100 gm

Baby Carrots – 2 (Grated into thin slices) – 150 gm

Tomatoes – 3 (chopped into small pieces) – 150 gm

Black eyed peas – 50 gms

Coriander leaves – ¼ of a bunch (finely chopped) – 3 teaspoons

Salt to taste – 1 teaspoon while cooking,  1/2 teaspoon for boiling the pasta

Sugar – ½ teaspoon

Apple Cider Vinegar – 1 teaspoon

Black Pepper – 1 Teaspoon (powdered)

Italian Seasoning – 1 Teaspoon (powdered) (Combination of Parsley Flakes, Basil Flakes, Oregano Flakes, Rosemary Flakes, Thyme Flakes) 

Del Monte extra virgin olive oil – 2 Tablespoonfuls





Preparation Method:

Getting Black Eyed Peas ready

Soak the Black eyed peas in water for 30 minutes.


Getting Pasta ready 

Take 600ml water in a saucepan, add required salt and bring to a boil, add Del Monte Chifferi Rigati and continue boiling for 8 to 10 minutes (Ensure Pasta does not stick to the bottom. )


Drain the water well and keep the pasta away. Pasta must be al dente ( capable of biting yet cooked and in shape)


Getting Vegetable ready

Take a non-stick (preferably) pan and add the Del Monte Extra Virgin Olive Oil and follow it up with chopped onion, cut garlic and chopped green pepper (capsicum). Sauté till onions soften.


Add cut tomatoes and grated carrots. Mix well with the onions.

Add the various seasoning and spices – salt, sugar,  apple cider vinegar and mix it well





Now add the soaked black eyed peas (without water) , coriander leaves and black pepper,



Cover and cook in medium flame for 3 to 5 minutes (until the black eyed peas become al dente).


Final touches

Add the boiled pasta, Italian seasoning and mix well. I used Connoisseur Selection Organic Whole Italian Seasoning with the grinding mill to get the powder .



The secret ingredient twist

Soak 10 cashew nuts in water (50ml) for 10 minutes. Grind it into semi liquid milk




Add it to the ready pasta and sauté for 1 minute in low flame.


Now Del Monte Boiled Chifferi Rigati Vegetable Rich Salad is ready.



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