What Kids Today Miss Out – Having Fun and Friends without Inhibitions


I was excited to write on this topic when I was asked to write for #BachpanWithFlinto blogger contest. This gave me an opportunity to rewind and delve deep in my childhood memories. Remembering the good old days, my first thought goes to the times of fun we had without bothering about our age or studies or anything that matters to children today. It was our own world, a beautiful world without any inhibitions. Vijaya, my playmate and friend with whom I had the best of fun comes to my mind. Vijaya was almost the same age as me and was working as a babysitter (well, I never knew this term till the millennium). Vijaya’s mother worked as a maid servant and would do all the household chores while Vijaya will assist aunty in taking care of the child.

After aunty leaves for work, Vijaya would take care of the baby till she returns home which would be about 5 or 6 PM. Those were the days we did not have brick walls and it was easy for us to communicate just across and after I come back from school, our fun will begin. The child Vijaya was taking care would sleep in the afternoon till about 5 PM and so we will be playing talking just outside while keeping an eye on the kid. Many times I had donned the role of Vijaya to take care of the kid as Vijaya played with my toys. We never had any inhibitions and Vijaya being a maid or coming from lower strata was never a matter of concern. In fact I never knew what a lower class was till I came to college. I am not sure if Vijaya had this difference either but she was such a good friend who taught me how to make rice, sambhar in play using all those tiny vessels I proudly possessed for a long time. It was pure fun and there were no elements of ego or costly possessions, show offs or demanding attention. Life was much simpler then.

I remember the days when kids from the street gathered on the open terrace of one home to play together. Exercise, the word I learnt later, was supposed to be a part of life and we had everything without even knowing about it while having fun. If you hear the ruckus we make as we play, it would wake people 2 streets beyond but yet none complained. We never bothered about sweltering heat or rains; we would simply go out and have fun. Fights were just a matter of the day and the next time we meet, it is all forgotten and gone. For the same friend, we would go together as a group to request her mother to allow her to join us. No sorry or thanks anywhere, it was simply fun.

I never faced any situation where I was forced to study or threatened with consequences of marks and grades in school studies. The only time, we faced questions were when we came up with report cards and if the marks have gone low. In short, we enjoyed childhood, school and studies and learnt to assume responsibility at the right time. No pressures whatsoever.

Kids today are chased towards marks, performance and pushed into commitment and stress that we have psychologists positioned at school. Nothing surprising as friends supposed to be let-outs come with strings attached. It is sad that children today do not know what it is to have fun that leaves them enriched, enthused, energized and exalted. Parents too have a role to play in educating children and teaching them practical life and to let go. Money and lifestyle have played a major role in this transition and I wish kids be allowed to be kids and learn to enjoy a life without pressure and competition. Trust me, children will still perform and find their niche in this world and be happy too.

This post is written for the #BachpanWithFlinto blogger contest. Flintobox creates award-winning discovery boxes filled with fun exploratory activities and games for children in the age group of 3-7. If you wish to gift Flintobox to your child, niece/nephew, or friend’s child, use the exclusive coupon code WELCOME to avail Rs. 250/- off.

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  1. Wonderfully written. Good luck for the contest!

  2. Great post, enjoyed reading it. All the best 🙂

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