Unboxing the Data Speed Highway – Moving from 3G to 4G


Airtel launches 4G nationally with a Television Commercial today. Trial run of 4G was already on with customers given a Free 4G SIM. Yes, you are right. We were given a 4G SIM free which was delivered to our home on request. I have heard of high speed internet in the US and always wondered if it will be a possible in our country too. Airtel 4G promises us the capability to experience lightning speeds and something more for all of us. In my experience, it was quite good only that we got so excited with the speed that we ended up watching about 5 movies in a day.

Factors that we consider before trying something new are price, device compatibility, and the process to get the new SIM and getting it running. To use the 4G, your current 3G SIM will not work. You need a 4G SIM. Let us talk about the price. There are two costs here, cost of the SIM and plan charges. Airtel gives you the 4G SIM Free of cost. All you have to do is  go to  Airtel 4G site  and request for a Free SIM and it will arrive at your registered billing address. Coming to the data plan, there is nothing to talk about in terms of increase in data plan charges since you would be using the same 3G Data plan you already have to get on the 4G data super highway.

Device compatibility is one factor to be taken into consideration. Most of the latest mobile brands ship with 4G compatibility. Check out the device model on the internet or in the packaged box to find out if the mobile is capable of connecting to 4G network. If yes, then you need nothing more, get the 4G SIM, insert it into your mobile and you are ready to travel the internet in super speed. No more hourglass, circling Youtube videos, get ready to experience amazing data transfer speeds. If you do not have a 4G compatible device, go for one. You certainly do not want to be staring at loading screens, apps updating for a long time or opening multiple windows to keep yourself busy while the site is loading, simply put miss out on the fun of getting things done quickly.

Last but not the least, service and speed promise. Airtel 4G takes this to the next level by throwing up a Challenge. If you can prove that your mobile network is faster than Airtel, the company will pay your mobile bills for life. Isn’t that a great challenge born out of sheer confidence? Take the challenge now and may be if you are luckier, you may get free mobile service for life.

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  1. Everything sounds good at the moment. But once the 4G subscriber base hits a considerable number then Airtel will jack up the data pack rates like 1GB = Rs. 397 …
    Then my friend you will see the funny part 🙂

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