Our First IndiBlogger Meet, Courtesy #FlipkartImageSearch, in Bengaluru


Blogger meets are fun and it takes the level of blogging to the next level. Who wants to be always in virtual space, it is nice to meet those bloggers we read and adore face to face and get to know them and what more if it is an event where you get to meet all of them under one roof.  To us, it was more than just attending the event because we were travelling from Chennai to Bengaluru to be a part of this meet and our travel was dedicated exclusively to this event. It was quite thrilling as it was our first Indiblogger meet and we were a big bundle of anticipation as to what to expect from the meet and if we would be comfortable as even the IB team in person was new to us.

We traveled by car and reached around 1.30 AM and we had detours and lack of knowledge of the place to contribute to this midnight drama. Luckily we went past Hard Rock Café on the way to our place of stay and so had a basic idea where it was located. My daughter was bit more excited as it was her first social event of this order. We had discussions on what the dress code may be since the venue is Hard Rock Café. I decided I will stick to my comfort zone and will not be experimenting with something new.


As we entered the venue, Hard Rock Café for the #FlipkartImageSearch IndiBlogger Blogger Meet, we had absolutely no idea what was in store, only that the event starts at 10.30 AM and winds up at 3 PM.  Kudos to the IB team and the bloggers, the café was converted into a homely space and we instantly felt comfortable with the smiling and beaming faces of people (IB Team) in the reception. We registered ourselves and the instant recognition about us coming from Chennai was a heart warmer and our fun began here.

Hell Yeah by Anoop gave an adrenaline rush and that small exercise broke us out of inertia (No hangover for us) followed by performances by the band. You just do not need any more push out of slumber with such tapping music and beautiful numbers. I could not help stare at the skull face playing in the band (it looked so natural). Here are few shots –




We began with random Introductions and there was a chemistry teacher, an honest blogger and few others walking away with FK vouchers. Ha! Don’t we know them?  Chennai Focus team was applauded for making it from Chennai and blogging as a family and on that note, it is our pleasure, IB.

Now it is Flipkart time. Flipkart has been pioneering innovation using technology to liven up the e-commerce space. It is image based search which becomes a necessity given the volume of items Flipkart sells. Guess how many? It is a whopping 30 million items. Secondly, shopping is more interesting when you get to wear clothes and accessories celebrities endorse or adorn. A designer saree has more value if it is worn by Deepika Padukone or Sonakshi Sinha. If not the exact one, something near to it is the rage. It is not going to be an easy task going about searching for this particular saree among such a huge range. To help us make this kind of purchases, Flipkart has introduced #FlipkartImageSearch, only available in the app. Be sure to update your Flipkart app to see this feature.

Step by Step Instruction on how to go about it –

Step 1 – Use the Flipkart app and click on search and camera icon.

   Step 1a – Capture the product using your mobile. Make sure to do it in bright light. This helps in getting the color       and product right.

   Step 1b – If you have the product already shot, you can also upload it from the gallery option here.

   Step 1c – Resize or Crop the image to eliminate unwanted background.

Step 2 – Click on the and Flipkart will prompt to select the category of the product – Men, Women, Kids and if it is clothing, footwear or accessories further drilled down to what the product is (many options here). Now Flipkart will Upload the image, process it and get the products matching the uploaded picture.

Step 3 – It is likely you will get an exact match and if not pick out the nearest match and click on the Multiple Icon – 3 rectangles I guess. This will bring more products similar to the one selected with the same characteristics to help you choose the closest. Click on the heart icon to add it to Wish list.

Even though the process sounds elaborate, it is just click, search, choose and it is done. There were interesting inputs by Punit Soni, Chief Product Specialist of Flipkart and his work experience across Google, Amazon was a WoW. There were questions on Flipkart moving to APP only and in spite of justifications, it was finally revealed that No Decision has been taken on that Move yet. It was a breather as I am the one who loves to see the products king size and in detail in my laptop and somehow Mobiles deprive me of that experience.  I hope our feedback makes Flipkart run it on both web and mobile.


We went on to have snacks and the Bruschetta served was a hallmark item. Loved it and people who loved watering holes had a free run; we were not deprived of options. I was happy sipping Cranberry Juice and then it was the Team Event. We were asked to form groups of 20 and there were 6 teams. We were Team 5 and I became the captain and Rohit took on the role of the vice captain. We named our Team Vyapam, yes, yes, the same Vyapam.


We were asked to find as many matches we could by using the Flipkart App within 15 minutes. All of us were on the job and Manohar was amazing. It was team effort and within seconds, we were quick to break the ice and bloggers were talking to each other identifying things that Flipkart will be having in their site. Luckily for us, we got about 50+ items.

Each team was assigned a team of Flipkart duo who verified our products with the actual product to check out if it was an exact match. It was fun as we were showing people with sun glasses, pants, shoes, shirts, bags to prove we had the exact match. And we were not limited to taking pictures from our team alone. After some rule outs, we had 32 exact matches and WE WON. We had the highest matches among 6 teams.

We had an opportunity to meet the authors of 10 Love Stories, PARMITA BORAH who wrote the “The Transitional Boyfriend” and VARSHA DUTTA who wrote “Speechlessly in Love”.  It was nice to hear them read it and thanks to them, we got a complimentary copy signed by them.




 And to make this a memorable event being our first with IB, we bought a collectible, Hard Rock Café Bengaluru Clip. And this is how Hard Rock Cafe Says Bye !


And now it was Lunch time. We had Veg pasta with Tomato, parsley, basil sauce with that authentic tone, salad (my personal favorite), and brownie ice-cream. I just could not resist going after that Cranberry juice again.  The event was well-organized and was full of fervor ‘Hell Yeah’. Anoop and the Indiblogger team deserve special mention for making this event happen in the most pleasurable way. Thanks Flipkart and IB, we made friends with bloggers from Bengaluru and Delhi I guess. Notables are Ganga, Sweta, Manohar, Rohit, Santosh, Kiran, Techchumz (did not get your name) whom I personally interacted. Love to meet you all again!

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  1. Looks like a cool meet. You all seem to have a lot of fun. Nice pics.

  2. Wow, I love to attend IB meets. I have come to two meets in Bangalore when I was there. But nothing seems to be happening in Chennai now! Glad you had a good time 🙂

    • Thanks for visiting my blog Destination Infinity. Sorry did not get your name. Yes, Chennai is yet to get on the Band Wagon of Blogger Meets. Looking forward to the IB’s Blog Now Live Forever Meet in Chennai in 2016, hopefully in the first Quarter. Hope to meet you soon.

      Chennai focus

  3. Aww… seems to be a super cool event.. would have joined you guys if I knew you are going.. May be some other time 🙂

  4. Aww… seems to be a super cool event.. would have joined you guys if I knew you are going.. May be some other time 🙂

  5. Wonderful Article ..very elaborate..and described very well and specific……Enjoyed reading your blog…

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