Hair Streaking, Heady Experience Promising to be Colorful


It’s the new rage for the fashion conscious yet the unknown seems to be keeping the Uber fashionistas away from it. I am talking about hair coloring, oh No! that isn’t the word, color streaking, well it can also be highlights. This post is about the paranormal experience I had to go about the process of getting the color on the hair. It is worthwhile talking about the discussions we had before embarking on the actual process. Though this may sound exaggerated, it is no way an underestimation. Let us start off from the discussion phase of the demand for coloring the hair.

My immediate response was concerns of chemicals on the hair and also the need to get one done. Ofcourse the academic institutions do not encourage such things and so that is another bigger area of concern. So with all this rebuff, the idea was dropped only for a short duration to come back again more vehemently. Every girl in the school has it and there is a way to get it done without being seen in the open. I was quite puzzled as to why color at all if it cannot be seen. The answer is simple, it can be hidden and taken out depending on the hair style. So in school, it will be a hair style where the coloring is hidden and when it is elsewhere, it will be all out to be seen in the hairdo. Well, that seemed quite ok but what about the chemicals on the hair. Again an explanation that this coloring is not for the entire hair but only few strands here and there. I was aghast. Coloring the hair here and there! This must be ridiculous. It will look like she has played Holi on the wrong day. After some long explanations, I was shown some photographs googled ofcourse, of women and girls with colors in certain parts of the hair. Some were shocking and others looked a bit natural. I ensured that she was not looking at those neon colors that made me wince. Thankfully her idea of hair color was restricted to naturally blending Red.  Red and naturally blending that to with black hair was not something I could believe but then the photos showed that it was more of a Magenta shade and was not bad.

Now began my scout for the right salon without pinching my purse. My first learning came in the form of the various coloring options listed with the salons. I never knew so many existed. Let us just go over them for knowledge. Hair coloring is when you color your hair in full. Specifically for covering your grays or changing the entire hair to look blonde or brunette. It is normally done in colors that hairs grow or so I assume. Next to highlights, this is done on small areas distributing evenly on the hair in very small strands. Here you have crown highlights full, half, short, long that is worked from the top part of the hair near the scalp ( one good thing is they leave  considerable hair length near the scalp to avoid getting it damaged) and tail highlights that is only on the tip of the hair. (Srilankan Cricket bowler Lasith Malinga sported this tail highlight in gold in his hair earlier). I saw a girl with violet color hair tip and she had a pony tail and it looked pretty good. ( I believe this is cheaper, not sure though)

Now coming to the streaks,  streaks are done on the full length of the hair and in strands here and there. 3 to 4 is the minimum and it comes in variety of colors.  Red, Magenta and Copper do not need bleaching and can be applied directly on the hair. I did not like the sound of bleaching the hair in the first place but yet it is one thing that grows out and fresh ones come up. So any bad job will have 2 options, corrective coloring (whoa ! pay again) or leave it to grow out and cut it off. There are greens, violets, blues and every one of this color needs the hair to be bleached to a tone that works best with the intended color. After bleaching, the color is applied.

Ok, now our process started and hair strands were carefully selected ( we chose 4) to ensure even look in any hairdo. The preparation was applied on the selected strand but with a twist. Aluminium foil was used to lay the hair strand and the medium was applied on the hair. Then the foil was carefully wrapped, tightly pressed and left to hang. The same process repeated for the rest 3 strands and we were asked to wait for almost 45 minutes I guess. The hanging aluminium foils were tested and then closed again and a gadget was placed to pass on hot air on the head. It was a circular thing which went around the head. Then the foils were removed and taken for a nice hair wash. My daughter was happily sleeping (!) as her head was washed and conditioned. Lo! pretty magenta streaks looking quite natural was seen on her hair. It seems this will last for 8 months to 1 year depending on the rate of growth. Even if it fades, it would turn into copper and would not look bad at all, this was the assurance of the salonista to us on our continuous prodding of questions on the streaking. The bill was Rs. 1900 for 4 strands with no bleaching.




We did this is Limelite salon & spa in L B Road opposite to S2 Theagaraja theatre. The stylist who attended on us was courteous and had patience to answer our questions in detail. We were given water bottles and good cup of coffee.  Even though we went on a Saturday, we did not require an appointment and they do have private beauty services (4 to 5 rooms).

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  1. She could not convince you for haircut so convinced for this eh? Looks beautiful. I am also longing to get done something like this. Will check it out for sure

    • Ya Sindhu. I also got curious to know what it was. So she got it. Do try, doesn’t seem to be as costly or damaging as it sounds. 🙂 Going to Bangalore for Flipkart Indiblogger meet. Are you coming?


  2. Looks good Katie. A few years back I too had experimented with these magenta streaks.

  3. Nice experience, and nice information, even I thought since there will be chemicals involved, must not do hair coloring, but coloring few shades of hair, just like highlights is surely a fun thing to do…and hide them when going to school, so cute, smart kids these days!!… I always wondered about Malinga’s curly beautiful hair, good you gave him a mention here.

  4. Yes, it is indeed scary thought to have chemicals on your hair or face, but it is good that hair coloring can be safe, where a few parts of it can be colored or highlighted, it is fun stuff, so nice blog on hair coloring. Very cool.

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