Brother Sister Relationship Knows No Bounds


Relationship between a Brother and a Sister is a bondage which immediately brings in thoughts of sibling rivalry. It is a love hate relationship that made waves of loud screams and sweet giggles throughout childhood only to strengthen further as a deep bondage that withstands time and distance. Many thanks to Indian Gifts Portal for giving me this opportunity to blog about and glorify this beautiful relationship at the time of Rakhi. As many of us will agree, this is one relationship that is always taken for granted by both the brother and the sister.

We have grown, raised families and seen each other only when time permitted or occasion warranted. Thanks to evolution of technology, communication and virtual networks helped us to be connected. Today I fondly recollect those times when I had felt so secure walking beside him when a whole lot of girls and boys were teasing me when I went to school the first time. I was so scared and almost ready to cry with their words and actions when he walked to me and said “come on, all the boys here are like me, say Hello Anna (brother) and Akka (sister) to the girls’. In those few moments, my whole world brightened as I got a new source of energy and did as he said. Net, I got a bunch of boys as brothers and girls as sisters who would come running to me whenever I cried. That day when I walked beside him, though I was small, I understood what a brother meant and I called him Anna with utmost pride. #MySiblingRocks !


All these may sound as if we were goody good brother and sister. If so, you are utterly mistaken. I was the most demanding sister and any new item he got, it will eventually land up in my kitty through my tantrums. And he has his own ways of getting back at me with a hit in the head or pulling away things as and when he got a chance. Right from teaching me how to burst crackers, to playing Cricket and all those boyish things I fancied doing in my childhood; it is my brother who made it all a possibility. When I was chided by my parents for being a tomboy, it was my brother who stood by me  and instructed me to follow my heart.


My brother is the person whom I can confidently turn to on issues I cannot discuss with my parents. Yes, friends do help but in my case, my brother is my first and true friend who accepted me as I am and never expected anything from me in return. Many times, we fail to say a ‘Thanks’ to close ones who matter the most to us by the sheer comfort that they are always there for us with us. This post is my warm thanks to my dearest brother who has been instrumental in molding me to be bold and confident and also for teaching me How to say a No.

Wait for a sweet surprise from me this Rakhi and all this is just a token of love from your beloved sister nothing comparable before your immense love for me.

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  1. One word ! Heart-touching !!!

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