Reminiscences – EchoVME #UrbanTreeChennai Bloggers Meet in Chennai

urban7Blogging is my passion and being a blogger makes me happy. Connecting with fellow bloggers never came to my mind until I saw few blogger meets happening elsewhere. It seemed all fun and it made me think it would be nice to meet our Chennai bloggers in person. It was quite disappointing to see blogger meets being organized in places such as Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Delhi more often and Chennai not being in the radar for such events. My thoughts went to those Chennai bloggers I saw in the directory of blogger networks and started wondering if they ever met. Thanks to Manjulika Pramod, a blogger I follow in Twitter who retweeted about a Blogger Meet happening in Chennai with the link. The event was scheduled for the next day.

We had plans in place being a weekend and so had a discussion with my family (blogging runs in our family) and then a quick decision was taken to make it to the blogger meet. We started the process of registration and thanks to Echovme for the quick response in sending us our confirmation of participation, and of course Urban Tree Homes; we attended our first blogger meet. The event was in Beverly Hotel in Kilpauk and it was fun. We started off with a photo session and the placards idea was good. Each one of us was given a hamper with a badge ’Proud #UrbanChennai Blogger’. The hamper had a T-shirt, cap, Urban Tree Homes brochure, and pen (quite thoughtful), Tambola sheet and an answer sheet. We could not make much out of it then and later understood its purpose.

We understood #UrbanChennai is the hashtag for the event and every one of us started sharing our experience on Social Media especially Twitter with it. The venue had a live stream and it was fun watching us welcome each other. Urban Tree Infrastructures too did their part in making the event into a Twitter party. It was also an event where we familiarized ourselves with other bloggers hashtags to the point that we knew them more by hashtags than by names. That is the power of harnessing social media as a part of the event.UrbanC4

When Bloggers unite, it is nothing but fun and frolic. Good efforts by Sorav Jain and co (EchoVME Vishnupriya), we had introductions and for the first time, we saw many people whom we had seen virtually through blogging and their passionate writing. The event had rapid fire questions, Tambola, and Adzap to make it interesting with a liberal dose of gifts to keep the excitement ON. To add to this was a stand-up comedy performance by Shyam Ranganathan. The show was hilarious and since this was our first time hearing Ennada Rascalas perform, we were laughing out without any inhibitions and we are sure they have a bright future. To provide  more options to get to know each other, we were asked to form groups named after the projects of Urban Tree – Oxygen, Infinity, Superb and Wow. Knowledge about Urban Tree was passed on effectively through the events, followed by a hearty talk and presentation by Mr. Abhishek Mehta, CEO of Urban Tree Homes on their real estate products and USP. Nice to meet a honest Real Estate Company who openly admits that flaws are part of any project and the commitment to minimize it. I also liked the fact that they have Environmental Clearance certificate by Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change in the Oxygen project at Perumbakkam. What more can you ask with 1 lakh saplings planted in the project. It is needed Oxygen indeed.


What is a Bloggers meet without awards?  Best Blogger awards were given and so were the award for Best Blogs on Chennai. won the #UrbanChennai Blog award  and Ganga Bharani, Praveen also won awards. Cheers Winners! We see it as a victory for Chennai Bloggers and we are proud to be a part of them.

#UrbanChennai Bloggers Meet was an event with a High Tea but the food was good and more than what we anticipated. Pav Bhaji, Katti Roll, Samosas, Carrot Halwa and Coffee/ Tea were served to us as we caught up with each other. I came to know about Chennai Bloggers Club in Facebook and now we are a part of it. Thanks CBC. It is good to be a part of a Bloggers group. I guess we were around 50+ bloggers in the meet but we could not get to meet each one in such a short span of time.Urban5

Special mention to these bloggers whom we thoroughly enjoyed meeting – Marinated mind (Madras Maami, sorry just could not recollect your name), Shameem, Aalayam Kanden Priya, Rajalingam, Shriram, Ganapathi Hemu, PinkandPink Sundari, Jyotsna Ramachandran and (Sindhu JP, Ganga Bharani – We knew each other already). This list is from my family of bloggers – Poornima, Uma Muruganandham, Ram, Nandhitha Hariharan, Shashi, Ravi Shivram and more.urbanchennai6

Finally, a special thanks and mention to Sorav Jain for making this possible for us and Mr. Abhishek Mehta for making it a pleasurable event. We look forward to many more events of togetherness and opportunities for better interactions.soravAbhishek

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  1. Thanks for sharing.. 🙂 am sure all must have equally enjoyed it..

  2. Dear Katie, Sindhu & Ranjini,

    Many thanks for attending #UrbanChennai Blogger’s Meet and Awards. Thanks for writing about it.

    Urban Tree Infrastructures

  3. Dear Katie, Sindhu & Ranjini,

    Thank you for making time to attend the #UrbanChennai Bloggers Meet & Awards. We wish you good luck for all your endeavours!

    Warm Regards,
    Team echoVME

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