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Food and nutrition are the two topics constantly talked about in newspapers, chat shows, online discussions and in kitty parties. It is true that in the current lifestyle where gadgets rule and takeaways do booming business, this topic expresses the concern and interest in adapting our lifestyle to ensure healthy well-being. Beware! Food and nutrition is one other area which when overdone can become an obsession. I have a friend of mine who has a weighing scale at home and keeps checking it whenever she has an intake. All attributed to the concept of Zero size that made many eat (?) to hit that starved by famine look.

Food advice is one that flows free in Whatsapp and social media groups and during a discussion, one of my friends told me to avoid white colored food products to lose weight. It includes milk, curd, sugar, salt in addition to flour and many other things WHITE in color. As far as my knowledge goes, absence of sugar and salt in the body can lead to dehydration and a dip in the energy levels too. Milk is the source of calcium and curd with its yeast is a natural probiotic to keep your good bacteria count in the gut alive and kicking. So totally avoiding any food may not be a good choice. Balanced food is the key to nutrition and good health. To me, moderation is the keyword in any food you eat. No binging please.

If you are the one who loves to take fluids often such as tea, coffee, green tea, juices with added sugar, then it is a source of concern. Sugar in excess in a sedentary lifestyle can be a health bomb. It can be replaced with honey, nature’s wonder product. Honey can replace sugar in any fluid but I personally do not like it added in coffee. Honey and lemon is such a combination and when taken in the morning in empty stomach can help you to reduce weight naturally. Make sure to use warm water to make the drink. Take out lemon and replace it with warm milk and add honey and take it every night to put on some healthy weight.

I use Dabur Honey and we take it regularly as a part of our diet. Honey is good for heart but always moderation is the key. If you are interested in ensuring a balanced nutrition, you need a regular food chart and it should be customized to your Body Mass Index (BMI). Remember you may be a family but persons in the same family may not have the same needs, so diet plan varies according to the individual’s lifestyle, food preference, weight, BMI and calorific intake.

I created a Diet plan for myself and Thanks to Dabur, they made it pretty easy to create one. No time consuming questionnaire and exhaustive process, I got the day’s food plans neatly organized with a list of Do’s and Don’t’s. See the pictures for your understanding and you can also download the PDF.

InterestingDaburHealthdaburhealthplan website is a storehouse of information and has recipes by Chef Vikas Khanna, expert advice from dietician and you can ask your questions here, fitness tips, BMI calculator and Calorie calculator and many more.


To me health is wealth, and a balanced food is the basic prerequisite. Do share your thoughts on what makes your health and fitness regime and how it helps you to keep fit.

Picture Credits : DaburHoney.Com website

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