Everyone Can Swing to Music and Step to Dance

When it is music and dance, it is freshness everywhere. We have therapies suggested using music and it is a subtle way to keep your throat, lungs and vocal cord intact. Talk about dance and today, a much-needed entertainment based exercise. Oxygenation depends on the exercise that a body takes and to do it by grooving to the beats is the simplest way of keeping fit. Walk to a dance floor and find one who keeps low spirit. The rhythm makes even a socially withdrawn person to shake a leg. From time immemorial, humans have been associated with music and dance and its various forms. Ultimately everything lies in how you move your body to the music you hear. I envied the North Indians many times because dance is in their culture and so they can shed the inhibitions very easily and join the fun. These people do not care if you like it or not. They dance for the sake of dancing.  It is not that dance is not in the South Indian culture, remember the Great Nataraja in his dancing pose is in Chidambaram, Tamilnadu. It must be that the south Indians, specifically the Tamils let go of this practice at some point in time. Here is a playlist of 10 of my all time musical videos.


It is easy to reach people with music and dance and that’s why we see flash mobs performing to get details across. Many advertisements have leading musicians and dancers performing in the video. Check for  instance, the musical video by Benny Dayal and Nuclea for Sony Project Resound.


Dance is a natural rhythm of the body and it is not surprising  that you start tapping your leg when you hear music. When you hear music and allow your body to dance to the tune, you are actually letting go. It de-stresses you and makes you to forget the world. Listen to this foot tapping music with Anushka Manchanda and Allu Arjun. Who can resist dancing when it is played loud enough to reach your body and soul.


Now, coming to the most popular song,  our Chennai Super Kings adopted a music based dance medley as their signature video. It became so popular that kids in each household would dance with the ‘Whistle podu’ song and end with a loud whistle.

4 & 5

When you talk about music and dance, how can we forget our own OSCAR king, A.R.Rahman. Each video musical had a powerful theme and the music rocking. Dance is not meant for heavy moves alone, it is fine as long as you can synchronize with the tune and have fun. Here is his videos that I enjoyed the most –


Heavy dance moves and matching music made this a huge hit and this musical by ABBA is worth every dime spent on them.


How can a list of musical dance videos be created without Michael Jackson. Among the ones I enjoyed best, this is phenomenal.


A very quick ascend to stardom, Music director Anirudh cannot be left behind. If I do, it can be pretty dangerous given the fact that most of the youngsters croon to this video and music. This Chancey Illa video was so popular that you can see youngsters having the song in the headphones and rocking to it.


Hariharan and Leslie Lewis in a rare jugalbandhi show the music culture and rejuvenate our spirits in this Krishna video


Finally, the best of Pankaj Udhas in his ever refreshing voice knits a beautiful love story with his song in the background in his Ahista video.


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