Experiencing Unlearning with My Child


Kids and parents are no different today. Sharing and caring is in the hands of both and with a teenage daughter, I would like to make this statement more emphatic. Coming from a traditional background and suddenly facing a situation where lifestyle changes have to be accommodated, it is not an easy task. The journey me and my daughter had together has had its fair amount of lows and highs but overall the picture is pretty when we look back at it and it is still getting its touch ups even now.

My daughter was a hyperactive kid earlier and it was pretty difficult to keep her energy under control. My friend who was also a pediatrician instructed me to divert her energy into constructive things so she learns and also utilizes her time effectively. She loved sliders and we did buy one available in the local shop meant for kids but she preferred the tall ones found in the parks where she can climb and slide longer.  It was impossible for us to get one and install it in an apartment. So with a sudden flash of idea, I bought a short rope ladder, hung it little vertically and arranged bed underneath so she does not get hurt when she falls. It was real fun to see her climb and fall and it was one thing that stood with us for long.


As a health conscious mom of a teenage daughter now, I always insisted on her taking sprouts and all I knew was to make a traditional Sundal. One day she asked me to buy olives, sweet corn, raw mango, carrot, cucumber, green chilies. She asked me to just steam chickpeas with salt in the cooker. She added all the vegetable she bought in vegetable chopper, added black salt and sprinkled it on the boiled chickpeas with coriander leaves. I must accept that it was too good and now I have also learnt to try out different combinations latest being Hummus and Tahini. Let me tell you, I never knew Hummus and Tahini were vegetarian dishes till she told me.

This daughter was the one who gave me a tough time earlier when she was a kid. Every parent is so possessive of their home and specifically the walls. If you have a kid at home, the first training is not to write on walls. I am no different and it was a torrid time teaching her not to write on walls. The more I prevented her, more vehement she was in getting to the wall. One final day, she caught up on me and managed to make a big streak on the wall. When I saw it, I was angry but when I turned in saw the face of my child quite scared about my reaction, I just could not get myself to punish her. I remembered these words, ‘Be happy, you have a kid to turn things upside down and If everything is in place, then it is not a home but a Museum”.

That’s it. After all it is a cost of a whitewash and our fun began. I used to join in the wall art now and then and the wall was so colorful with rainbows, words, caricatures and so many. Once the lower wall was completed, she moved on to standing on a stool to fill that area too. I never knew there was so much fun in writing on wall till I joined with my daughter.

Though this might sound like a simple mom daughter fun, it also taught me that small things can go a long way in creating bondage and sometime letting go has its benefits too.

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  1. I understand Katie when you say that sharing and caring is in the hands of both. True our kids are more like our friends now and the interactions are more on equal terms. I think every child has this natural tendency to write on the walls. To convert it into wall art is a great idea 🙂

  2. Congrats on the win …loved the title!

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