World Cuisine – Interesting Home Cooked Vegetarian Food


This post is about the vegetarian options available in various cuisines which we can make at home. Surprisingly, some of them that we know by name with the assumption that they must have non vegetarian ingredient turned out to be pure vegetarian dishes. Vegans excuse. We are planning to come out with a separate post for you later. My tryst with world cuisine began with my daughter and her affinity towards international dishes. My curiosity also had a role to play as I seem to be seeing too many things in the supermarket shelf these days which I cannot relate to.

One of my friend who has organic vegetable garden in Kodaikanal decided to give me a surprise and handed me fresh broccoli and a bag of gleaming white button mushrooms right from his farm. I had brought broccoli once and tried to make a vegetable similar to cauliflower fry and the result was disastrous. The dish went straight into the dustbin without much ado. Mushrooms were another challenge because they just do not fit anywhere in my regular cooking pattern. The maximum I had tried is to add it to vegetable pulao after sauteing it a bit in tawa.  With lot of guilt, I kept this farm fresh broccoli and mushrooms aside inside the refrigerator hoping I might find some use to it.


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So to get to making something out of these vegetables that could make my family to taste it , I was checking out the Food column of Reward Me site. The food section took me by surprise with different subheadings. What? Food should have recipes but here it has so many sub categories but when I saw the entries, it made sense.  Under recipes, there are Baking recipes, Kids recipes (this one is really interesting. Parents having tough time to make the children eat have enough dough here), Classic recipes. I loved the classic recipes section because it has some original dishes.  I saw this Healthy Detox recipe of roasted broccoli and mushrooms.

Though the picture was not so encouraging, I liked the roasting part to get the caramel flavor. So after readying the ingredients, I went on to prepare the dish. Though the recipe suggested doing it in microwave oven, I used my induction stove and by and large, I got the same result. Broccoli took more time to cook and the stem to get a bit soft. Broccoli and olive oil combination with pepper brought in the aroma of a continental dish and the mushrooms added succulence to the dish. I just went overboard with the pepper and to balance it added a little honey. Overall, the dish was a success and my family happily devoured it. Thanks to Reward Me for helping me with this simple yet useful recipe.

Now I can answer my friend when he inquires about his vegetables with confidence.

I am participating in the ‘Ready For Rewards’ activity for Rewardme in association with BlogAdda.

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