For a Change, Mobiles De-stress Not Distress

Stress and mobiles are two subjects found in common while talking with youngsters and adults these days. It is a common notion that technology has made life difficult leading to stressful situations. Mobiles once sought out to be a boon to reach out people anywhere and everywhere anytime is now seen as a disturbance. It is also true that mobiles have brought in a  24 X 7 work culture and has bypassed ethics to intrude into each others privacy at odd times. This is only one side of the story.

If we ask any parent today, the common complaint is the children’s addiction to mobiles. I too belonged to this category few days back constantly complaining about my daughter’s attachment to mobiles. Our common notion or fear is their access to social media and getting acquainted with strangers. The other part is the feeling that precious time of study is wasted chatting in Whatsapp or Facebook.  Another important point that worried me was her usage of mobile while going to bed.  To me, an active mind is a nemesis to sleep.

In one of our conversations, I nonchalantly mentioned this to my daughter and she showed me what she was doing with the mobile. It was all school notes, lesson discussions, music, fiction and many that I could hardly complain about. I understood that mobile is not only a  communication device to her but also a tool (apps) to learn, unlearn anything and everything in day today life. To her, it is a part of daily life much like a notebook, book, reference notes, encyclopedia, music player, games and also a phone, the only difference being everything bundled into one unlike our practice of having one for each, and that is why we find her engrossed in it all the time. One device for everything and this is the reason it is called a smart phone I guess.

It is also true that mobiles do not replace outdoor activities we enjoyed in our childhood but then those were the days when we had individual houses with open ground space, playgrounds and  playing on the road was fun. Today with apartments doting every street, vehicles occupying the roads and safety and security concerns plaguing us, we cannot expect our children to be enthusiastic in indulging in outdoor activities.  So it is gym, sports academies for them not quite the everyday routine given the academic demands.

Coming back to my learning experience, yes, these days I learn more. Stress is our way of life today and overworking is no more an alarming syndrome. At the end of the day, when I retire to bed, my mind starts listing up things to do for the next day and all permutations and combinations of what to do and what not to do starts lining up driving off sleep. Now with a changed perspective, I started approaching my smart phone and visited the Google play store. Trust me, so many apps under various categories, I was at a loss to choose those that interest me. With an idea to look for tips to De-stress, I decided to search the web and I came across a post on stress relief that listed apps for good sleep. A strong believer of  the notion that mobile use spoils sleep, this was really a stunner.

I checked out the article and it had six apps in the list and the first thing that dawned on me is my daughter’s specific interest on iPhones 🙂 –  These apps were in the list –


Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep app – Thunderstorm

Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep (iPhone and Android)

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock (iPhone)

Sleep As Android (Android)
Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson (iPhone and Android)
Omvana (iPhone and Android)
Sleep Pillow Sounds White Noise Machine (iPhone)

As a nature lover ( I did forget I am one in the humdrum of professional life, thanks to this post), I chose Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep app and it was out of the world experience. The app has 13 different themes and my picks are creek, waterfall, thunderstorm and forest. As I was hooked onto this app, it gave me a sleep so refreshing but I also realized the disconnect with my own self and the need to tune inwards and stay in sync with my heart and mind to achieve inner calm and peace.

Do try out and make sure to choose the one you can connect with.

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  1. I like the idea of using apps, especially since we can hardly do away with phones anyway. I would rather get rid of my phone or even smart watch for that matter, and be in sound sleep free of any worries.

    Great post.

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