Nioxin Hair System 5 Experience


This is a followup post of our earlier post on Nioxin Launch in Chennai.  I got the Nioxin 5 system with a Cleanser , Scalp Revitaliser Conditioner and Scalp Treatment for normal to thin looking , medium to coarse hair and could be used on both natural and chemically treated hair.  My first experience with the system mainly was on the feel I had when I applied it to the hair. The smell was refreshing and the hair felt lighter and richer. I followed the instructions and concentrated mainly on the scalp unlike the regular shampoos where I work on the hair rather than the scalp. This Nioxin system is addictive and since I was advised to use it on alternate days, it was so refreshing that I really felt I was missing it on the other day I was not using it.

First time when I used it, I took out almost a tablespoon full and realized it was more than what I needed. It is concentrated and so it is better to apply it little by little to understand how much you need for your hair. It lathered out well inspite of the fact that I have hard water and many soaps fail to foam. I waited for 5 minutes after application to ensure the cleansing is complete before washing the hair. I also made sure every drop of water was drained from my hair before applying the revitaliser. Nioxin Scalp Revitaliser Conditioner is dense and creamy and it is better to try it out in small quantities to make sure of the quantity required for your hair.  I applied the cream on my scalp and it gave me an oily feel in the hand and made me wonder if I would need a cleanser to clean it off my head.  But surprisingly, when I showered, the cleanser washed off without leaving any feel of oil or cream in my hair. The hair felt smooth and silky. An added benefit was that it also left my hair tangle free.

As advised, I kept off the hair dryer and towel dried my hair and applied the Scalp Treatment (spray) at a distance and ensuring I covered my entire scalp evenly. I massaged my hair thoroughly after the application. Though the description of the process looks extensive, it takes the same time as our normal hair wash ritual.

I have a habit of applying and massaging hair tonic before washing my hair and I did continue using it with the Nioxin treatment. The cleanser removed the traces of oil much like any other shampoo or hair wash powders we use. So if you are habituated to oil baths, you can still continue it if you are using the Nioxin treatment.

Now to the benefits, whenever I washed my hair, I found bunches of hair in the water drain and also in the towel. From the third wash onwards, to my real surprise, my water drain and towel were devoid of any hair. It was a pleasure to see such an improvement because it was painful seeing the bunches of hair I left behind on pillows, floor and on the bathrooms after a brushing or washing ritual.

As of now, my hair fall has stopped and my hair density has started picking up.  When I was young, I used to have springs in my hair in the front and at the sides. It vanished when I grew up. Now I am seeing a tiny spring coming up which makes me believe this system does restore your hair to its roots.  I am going to continue the system for a couple of months and see the best of my hair.

Just one suggestion – I found it difficult to get the revitalizer out of the bottle after using it couple of times. Trying to force it out did not work probably because of the density of the revitaliser. I had to open the bottle cap to take it out, it got a little messy in the process. A better way to handle it will be much appreciated.

Thanks Eva Graham for Nioxin and P&G for reaching Nioxin out to us in Chennai and giving us an opportunity to try it out… it was indeed a nice experience with your product.

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