Dance Beyond Boundaries


Cricket is synonymous with dance and music today.  Watch any T20 match and you see cheerleaders dancing their way to glory for every boundary or six of the respective team. Needless to say, the music sets the ball rolling and the audience sways to the moves and the music.  The stage is set for the big match between Sunrisers Hyderabad and the Mumbai Indians teams and though it is one of the league matches, it is a decider match played to finalize who will set foot into the play offs. In short, a T20 cricket match comparable to the finals being played in Hyderabad to a stadium full of fans eager to see the home team, Sunrisers making it to the play-offs and finals too.


On the D-day, Hyderabad saw the best of stardom making a beeline to cheer for the home team and add that extra pep for the commentators and the players. Special discussions on the prospects and strategies were already on and so were the contests to predict the highest run scorer and wicket taker for the match. Social media was agog with expert opinions, previous clashes and players statistics.  Toss gave the option for  Mumbai Indians skipper to opt for batting first and now the camera had a chance to glance at the crowd and the VIPs.


Commentators  could hear huge whistles and a look at the monitor gave them the reason. Allu Arjun was sitting in the VIP box keen to watch the match as any other fan would oblivious to the camera focusing on him. The whistles were accompanied by the drums that would even get the playing cricketers tapping their feet. Yes, you are right, Sivamani was hammering away his best to the gallery much to the delight of the audience. Sivamani started waving to  someone walking into the other side of the  VIP box and the camera moved to see who it was. Anushka Manchanda, the voice every Uber music lover croons over, is getting herself positioned to watch this scintillating match.

All is not well as the match progresses much to the disappointment of the Sunrisers Hyderabad team. Reaction of the audience moves from Owww! to silence as Mumbai Indians make 200+ runs on the board and Sunrisers lose quick wickets and face middle order collapse. Sunrisers lose the game and fans of Mumbai Indians are ecstatic with the victory. Sunrisers body language shows defeat and the players are weary and tired.


A compere decides to reach out to Allu Arjun to get his reactions as he starts to leave. Allu Arjun looks at the compere and says “Victory and loss is part of any sport. See how far Sunrisers have reached in this game. It is a matter of pride to see them play and be here. Look forward Sunrisers, we are with you!”. Just then Anushka Manchanda on her way out hears Allu Arjun and walks to him and picks up the mic and starts singing the number “Dil Kholke Let’s rock”.  Sivamani joins in drums and the whole fan audience upset by the defeat is on their way out. Few of them hear the music, stop and look back at the stadium. Slowly everyone at the gate walk back to the stadium to check out what is happening.  The returning crowd looks at Allu Arjun dancing to the music and the beats. Freshness sweeps in the stadium as the audience sways and dances with Allu Arjun and Anushka Manchanda forgetting the defeat and wishing their team good luck and better times in the future.

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