Book Review : Enduring by Michelle Leigh – Sequel to Surviving Novel Reviewed Earlier


Enduring by Michelle Leigh is a sequel to Surviving novel we reviewed earlier.

Surviving ended with a cliffhanger, the last scene being Trace Alexander, Emma’s boyfriend alias her boss confessing his feelings for her in front of an unconscious Emma, shot in the stomach by her father as a punishment for leaving him.

This book is all about Trace’s efforts to save the woman he loves from the clutches of her father who was still at large having escaped after shooting her. It was interesting to see the ways Trace employs to keep her secure right from keeping her in his high security condo to hiring a personal bodyguard to protect her.

Michelle has changed the focus from the love of Trace and Emma and deals with the choices Emma has to make on her professional and personal front to keep the relationship smooth with Trace. It is interesting to see the obsessive control freak Trace getting on the nerves of Emma and the interludes.

The story turns towards the thriller element with more threats for Emma and the twists pointing to others as the possible targets. Many questions arise about her father and his motives, Trace and his secrets and a possibility of an unknown person lurking in the dark.

With an intelligent ending, the book makes us travel with the characters etched to portray realistic persons and situations without pulling our interest down or quickly flipping the pages to reach the end.

The author, Michelle Leigh deserves the credit for nicely written books with absorbing story line. Surviving and Enduring is certainly a must read for its subtle romance and intriguing thriller elements.

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