Book Review: Surviving by Michelle Leigh

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Surviving by Michelle Leigh is a romantic novel with few thriller elements and a generous helping of sacrifice, betrayal, friendship and more. The story begins with the childhood of Emma and her twin brother Danny and the hardships they underwent due to the earlier demise of their mother and the miserable time they have with their father.

Six years later, Emma joins as a temporary assistant in one of the most prestigious companies in the country, Alexander Marketing Corporation. She reports to the Head of the Department of Sales, Jack Stewart. This sets the story rolling and her life undergoes a change to begin a roller coaster ride.

The rich, young and handsome CEO of the company, Trace Alexander falls in love with the beautiful “big emerald eyed girl” Emma though she works for him.  The relationship hangs in a thin string and sways in the love they have for each other and the fragility of their expectations. Trace’s irresponsible behavior also adds fuel to Emma’s annoyance and the possibility of a long lasting relationship.

Subsequently, things change for the better and Trace and Emma get into a relationship on a business trip to New York. As we get to a point where everything seems to be fine, her father makes a reentry to atone her for her misdoings 6 years earlier. A Satan in real life, Emma’s father is all set to ruin her happy life. Did Emma get help from Trace and her brother Danny? Did her father manage to get to her are the questions answered in the rest of the story.

The book has a strong foundation in the beautifully woven story crafted with fine logic and emotions. Flash cuts appear in appropriate portions adding value and without disturbing the story line. Surviving ends in a cliffhanger and subtly makes you go for the sequel, Enduring, out in the stores now. A very interesting read with a absorbing story line.

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