Spark Academy by Spark Labs – Looking Beyond the Local Landscape, Living Within!

BuzzooleSparkAcademyWSHP3There are always people who wonder how small companies focusing on niche segments in technology are able to make  it really big in the Silicon Valley. Well, it is true to mention there are people like Spark Labs who have made their presence felt in the facilitation of these budding businesses to be fore runners  in technology.

Spark Labs is a team of experienced professionals that have immense expertise in creating, building and handing over technology companies to worthy successors. However, they limit their clients to US and European tech companies. Spark Labs is entities with the zeal to foster innovation by helping budding tech entrepreneurs accelerate the development in the local market. This is done with their specialty services that are mainly Startup Launchpad Program, space and support infrastructure that Spark Labs call their stronghold.


With such a stronghold in business acumen, Spark Labs launches Spark Academy, a boon for people interested in Start-ups to under the concepts through funding. The program, Startup Launchpad Program runs for 4 weeks and is conducted by Robert Goldberg who has massive experience helping companies establishing sustainable foundation and Mathew Sawyer, a strategic business developer with rich experience in bringing historic businesses back to its feet and building strong tech driven enterprises. The program has top teachers and combines inputs from guest founders to give deep insights into various aspects of a Startup.

This program focuses on a 8 session course concentrating on main business areas to help To-Be-Startup-Entrpreneurs to launch the venture with confidence. The program promises 6 hours per week combined with case studies and founder testimonials. Further to this, there is a plethora of value additions in this course that every Startup entrepreneur would love to have in their initial journey to success.

It is a strong belief on their part to emphasize that suitable environment accentuates and gives the effort an exponential push for the budding tech entrepreneurs. Located at the heart of NYC, Spark Labs can help any tech start-up come in and begin operations within 24 hours. What’s more, your working space comes with a bevy of exciting amenities like the tech entrepreneur network, round-the-clock connectivity, integrated office necessities and the like.

With regards to support, Spark Labs have a strong framework as to how they would stand apart from the crowd:

  • Funding: Tie-ups with leading venture Capital Firms and angel investors give Spark Labs the edge they command. A safe and smart funding strategy is not easy to pass, and they help tech entrepreneurs get that right. Further, funding partners of Spark Labs can take you in at any stage of your organic growth.
  • Mentorship: The mentor network of Spark Labs boasts of a plethora of successful tech entrepreneurs; a vastly amalgamated group with diverse socio-economic backgrounds. Mentorship is the key to increasing a company’s odds of securing successful deals. Mentors at Spark Labs collaboratively do so for the collective, giving them a chance to relate better to their environment.
  • Augmented Benefits: Apart from providing first-class experience in terms of office infrastructure and mentorship, additional benefits in support functions like payroll and healthcare are provided extensively. Immense discounts are secured by Spark Labs from companies that specialize in payroll and healthcare services, and these discounts are directly passed on to the employees of the tech start-up.
  • Back Office: Spark Labs also boasts of an extensive network of legal experts that can help you with immigration, accounting standards and even affordable housing for that matter. A consolidated approach such as this would make Spark Labs pioneers in the business incubator space.
  • The NYC Landing Pack: The icing on the cake would be the 1-week program called the landing pack, that would enable the Tech entrepreneurs to collaborate with the existing collective team to get an actual feel of what it is to be at NYC and Spark Labs. Further, to avoid clutter, NYC Landing pack is just for a maximum of 10 entrepreneurs, run only once a month.

To summarize what Spark Labs can do for you, it is best to say it is everything. Spark Labs are on the road to becoming the most sought after business incubator in the NYC, with extensive consolidation done even at inception. It is, by all measure, a win-win for any tech entrepreneur to set foot in NYC with Spark Labs.

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