Review of Pind Vegetarian Restaurant

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Chennai Focus wanted to try out a Punjabi Restaurant, Pind as we came across too any good reviews and wanted to try it out. Pind  is a pure-vegetarian Punjabi restaurant located at Velachery, Chennai.

Ambience : It looked like a Dhaba themed restaurant with the bamboo/cane chairs and tables (Moda) that you find in Dhabas. Wall Paintings signifying Country life was also seen in the place we sat. We were not happy about the lighting. It was dimly lit and we could not even read the menu card and had to take the help of our mobile torch. Much with the trend now, they have a live Mocktail counter.

Pind1 (2)

Service: Service was too poor. No one even bothered to come and take our order and made us wait for more than 10 minutes. And every additional order, we were scouting for the bearers whom we could not locate being in an area which had about 4 tables in a bay kind of setup.

Food: The appetizer we ordered was Achari Paneer Tikka which is one of our favorites and we make it as a habit to have it in the restaurant we go and also help us to gauge the standard. Paneer is not an easy dish to cook. Paneer was soft but the quantity given for the rate (Rs.200) was less compared to other restaurants of the same caliber and above. There were few chunks of Paneer with just cut onions as accompaniment. It will be good if they can add grilled Capsicums and Tomatoes to make up for the bland looking Paneer. Paneer also did not have that zing expected from a typical Achari Panneer Tikka.


The other appetizer we ordered was Gobi Manchurian and we must accept that it was good enough to be called an authentic one with the Gobi done well and not as Gobi Pakora Manchurian that we get in other restaurants.pind5IMG_20150503_205051

The main course we ordered was Tandoori Roti with Mixed Veg Makhanwala and Methi Malai Aloo. Malai Methi Aloo was made of baby potatoes, (did not expect it) creamy and the flavors blended perfectly. It made a good combination with the Roti and would recommend going for it without any apprehensions. Mixed Veg Makhanwala was bland without much spice and tasted sweet. I felt that I t did not work out as an accompaniment for Roti. Going by our experience with Veg Makhanwala in other restaurants, we did find it as a good combination but here it was more like a stew with a generous helping of butter. Rotis were normal.


Dessert we chose was Sweet Lassi which had that Asli Punjabi thickness and taste and was well priced. (Around Rs.80) and was served in a wide mouthed glass bottle much like the Punjabi Dhaba.

Though we wanted to try out many other items, rates turned out to be quite prohibitive and we stopped at this. In restaurants where we did have costly items, we could see the quantity matching up the cost but in this restaurant, quantity served was also quite less for the price charged.

Our bill for the items listed above was around Rs.1300 which we thought was high-priced for the kind of environment and the food we had.We were surprised at the good reviews and ratings in many sites and decided that we post this honest review for the sake of Chennai people wishing to try out the Pind Restaurant.

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