Fashion Travel: Myntra Moves From the Web to App

MyntraappMyntra is moving from Web to App only. Myntra is a Fashion platform in India catering to various age segments with quality as the motto. As a Myntra customer, Chennai Focus is happy to write this post to recommend Myntra for its true discounts and products that lived to its value in term of quality and cost.

Though this post may sound like a paid post, Chennai Focus confirms that it is not. Chennai Focus is known for its honest and genuine reviews and that is what it stands by even today. We have shopped with Myntra many times in normal times as well as in discount sale. What we loved about this brand is its commitment to keep up its words. We did return products due to size mismatch and the returns were prompt and refunds to the respective payment mode used were processed quickly and did not demand follow up calls or emails. We should say Myntra is making us impose confidence in online purchases.

Now Myntra is taking its online shopping from the Web to Mobile App. It is not surprising given the fact that the recent survey shows that searches are done more from the mobile than web these days. Fashion purchases are personal experiences and naturally they should find a place in the personal gadget, what more will be most suitable than a mobile app. Redundancy does not pay and it only raises overhead cost. If Myntra makes it as an App and can pass on the benefit of lesser cost overheads to us, why not we adopt the app?

To Myntra, True fashion is localized and India is all about Unity in Diversity. Reach people and talk to them in the language they understand. When mobile interfaces have started adopting local languages, shouldn’t your advertisement also do that? VLogs are here. Here is our take on getting Myntra App to local people. Being in Chennai and from Chennai Focus, this video is in Tamil language. The video shows gossip between two ladies on how Myntra app gives them the liberty of true fashion without stepping out of the house. We thank Prayatna Entertainment who worked with us to create this concept and video for Myntra.

We will be happy to provide you with the video in other Indian languages if required.

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  1. App is the way to go for any interactive site that wants to scale up and tap the mobile users. No wonder Myntra has followed the suit,

    • Somali, Exactly. What is the point in investing in web and app? After all we users bear the overheads. Thanks for stopping by.


      • Katie the objective is to have their presence on every device and encourage as any people to download as possible. They can’t afford to leave out any a major chunk of users on any device.

      • Agreed Somali. But I think web as an online shopping device is loosing its grip. Thanks to the E-commerce giants offering special privileges to shop on App. Take for example, cab services such as Ola, Uber have hardly any presence on the web but look at them reaching out to cab drivers, auto drivers and making them App savvy. I was absolutely amused seeing them use the app. It may not be easy to get them on the web but smartphone apps are reaching them. So we are having a gadget savvy future on hand. What do you say?


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