Online Grocery, Fruits and Vegetable Shopping with BigBasket.Com


Online shopping has come of age, whatever we thought would never be sold online are now in the virtual shelf. Vegetables, fruits, grocery, name it and we have a list of online businesses offering it and that too with lot of discounts, promotions, bundled offers and what not. Still, if you are the one who believes physical shopping is best, do try out these guys and I am sure you will get hooked onto it.

We came across an interesting dialog in one of the stage plays we watched recently. The name of the play was ‘ID’ directed by K.Vivekshankar. There was a youngster advising a village guy to go for online vegetable shopping and gave the merits of it. Incidentally and surprisingly, there was no reference to any online shopping site. It was interesting and hence we decided to try out online grocery shopping and fruits and vegetables from

Like any consumer who is interested in knowing what is in it for us, our eyes were scouting for something special. The business was smart to know the customer interests and the home page had an Offers section with options to check out discounts, promotions and Bundle packs. Interestingly, the discounts section was arranged to list out number of items in the range of more than 25%, 15% to 25%, 10% to 15% and 5% to 10% and 5%. There was considerable number of products under each category. We did find discounts by category also, and so people looking for a particular product can directly select the category and see the discounted products. In the promotions section, there were number of offers which we believe keeps changing month wise. We saw a promotion offering 3kg rice free if we bought 2 kg Best (brand) special rice. The bundled offers were also equally interesting, Buy 1 get 1 free. In some cases, it was the same product and in some others, it was another item.

We should give this site a big plus for its ease of navigation. The online shop sells vegetables, fruits, grocery, personal care, and almost everything that we buy from a grocer. Interesting additions were the presence of pet food, imported and gourmet and meat.

What is a review of an online vegetable fruits shop without touching the season’s favorite, mangoes? Bigbasket has a large variety of mangoes and if you are looking to buy mangoes online, check out the 13 varieties of them when shopping. One thing we were looking for is a statement on how these mangoes are ripened. With all the hula bulla about artificial ripening and health hazards, we saw a statement that the mangoes are fresh produce and safely ripened. Great!

Another section that caught our attention was Rs.10 section. We saw vegetables and fruits, some for approx 1 Kg and others 500 gm for Rs.10.

Bigbasket also has a mobile app and items are delivered as per time slot (4 time slots are available) depending on the time of placing the order. Payment can be made using credit cards or cash on delivery. Delivery is free if you shop for Rs.1000 but here is another plus for the shopping addicts. The site is full of deals, weekend deals, product deals, month deals, offers, and promotions. So be sure to browse the site and check out offers so you do not miss that fun of saving or getting more for your buck.


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  1. Definitely a convenient option.

  2. Thanks for sharing valuable information about Online Grocery Chennai shopping.

  3. Online vegetable shopping is amazing.I always shop vegetables online . It save my time and money .shopping online vegetables gives me fresh and quality vegetables.

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