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A home is made of hearts and a house is made of bricks. A house attains fulfillment only when it is a home filled of people of all generations, old and new, I meant the grandmothers and grandfathers and grandchildren too. I envy the days when living together was the order of the day. Not the living together in today’s context, but the concept of kith and kin families making a living under the same roof.  When I was asked to write about the things I need to lead a happy life such that each moment is celebration, all I could dream of is a home, HomeBrook, with huge open space and a garden with fruit yielding trees with an exclusive area for variety of rose beds, a small stream and few pets and our whole family living in it. I could dedicate this fantasy of mine to the frugal living space we get living in apartments without much liberty in having our own garden or pets. Given today’s scenario, this may be farfetched but yet I would prefer a home with more space, a library and a private terrace for a garden.

Shortage of living space has made us compromise on the way we live too. Gone are the days when relatives arrivedhappy from other destinations to our home to spend the   holidays. Everyday these days we have to contend with our school going sons and daughters complaining about being at home during the vacation. Looking back, we never cribbed about a long vacation when we were in school and in fact looked forward to the summer vacation. All credit goes to friends and relatives coming home and staying with us and those were times, we could connect with people. I am not talking about the connections we do in Facebook, but the real meeting of friends and families. This connection helped us learn many things without being taught and made us friends. We learnt sharing, caring and the fact that happiness does not lie in the things but in the minds. It was connections made at the respective levels. And today, after settling in life with our own respective families, we still share that personal rapport which our children may not be in a position to establish with their counterparts.

It was all so exciting and we miss all that today in the name of nuclear families. The more nuclear we have become, less is the space we have to accommodate anyone beyond our own family. A larger home to invite relatives and friends to come and stay with us and get our children to do some real networking and the thrill of being with our own people will make every moment of my life, a celebration.

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  1. Yes, nuclear living has it’s own drawbacks too. But I suppose, sometimes memories can help us relive it, no?

    • Yes, it does Sid. Sometimes it needs something more than that, particularly when we see children unable to fathom what it all means.
      Thanks for your visit and welcome to Chennai Focus.


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