Speaking Parrot: Winner is Good Concept with Matching Video Quality

The cricket fever is ON and everywhere you see Blue, Yellow, Red, and Flaming Orange T-Shirts either as posters or as T-Shirts. When it is IPL, it is not only Cricket but lots of activities. Brands jump on the bandwagon to release advertisements with Cricket stars or associate with the event to grab the attention of the huge Cricket loving crowd not only in India but abroad too.

This is the time where any event in the evening or night receives minimum attendance and event managers make sure that the event is not happening on a day the home team is playing. Cricket and that too IPL has become a rage and Pepsi, the title sponsor of the event is not to be left behind. Pepsi announced contest #CrashThePepsiIPL that encouraged amateurs to attempt creating an Ad for Pepsi. The finalists are judged by a heavy weight jury and displayed during the matches replacing the original advertisement.

Looking at the advertisements in the gallery created by the enthusiasts, one could not help but appreciate the zeal and enthusiasm with which they have participated in this contest. Congratulations to each one who participated in this contest and to me, everyone is a winner.

I picked few entries and decided to blog about it. When thinking about these entries, a question came to my mind. What made me look at these entries? It was the thumbnail that gave me a different perspective and an interest to see what could be in the advertisement. I noticed I had avoided those with simple backgrounds and uninviting looks. The second aspect was the slogans. Attractive slogans caught my attention. So here are my opinions on the Ads I picked from the gallery.

#Rajma-Upma by Keerthi Natarajan caught my attention. It showed a North Indian and a South Indian waiting in a railway station equating the food items, Idli, Vada to Roti and few other items before uniting with the Pepsi in the end. A beautiful message of North and South India unity and so well choreographed, I put it in #1 in my list.

The next one that won my attention is Cool Your Boss by A. Arulselvan. To work on a concept with a table and chair is not a joke. The ad conveyed the message in 26 seconds with good acting by all the three actors. It was a powerful message indeed in a limited scope.

There were quite a few others that had a powerful concept such as Himmat Ker by Kritika Shekhar. Crushing the Pepsi Can conveyed it all. A nice concept once again in a bus station and the video quality was very good.

Many others had good concepts but video was not that good and few that had nice video quality could not convey the message.

Check out the #CrashThePepsiIPL videos & participate in the activity at BlogAdda

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