My Experience with The Daily Heckle


To the bloggers fraternity, I would like to share my blogging experience with a site called The Daily Heckle. I stumbled on this site during one of my usual search for a blogger platform that will help me launch my writing to International audience.

I had tried registering myself with many sites and blogger networks and it just turned out that the registered sites accept writers from specific countries only. In few other cases where I got an opportunity to write, the topics were too country specific and I could not connect with the same. This is probably the reason why the networks restrict the bloggers to certain countries.

Now, coming to the Daily Heckle, this site accepts writers from all countries and you are expected to give a writing sample to qualify to be a writer here. Given the requirement, I decided to give it a try and the selection process was pretty quick and I became a writer at The Daily Heckle.

I would like to appreciate the editor’s effort in making sure that I was comfortable joining the bandwagon of Hecklers. I was searching for a starting point and I got a mail from the editor asking for a suggestion on a particular topic and detailing the submission process. The induction process was so smooth and when I look back at it now, it is really great.

The story does not end here, there is another big plus. You get to suggest your topic and be paid for writing it, and above all, get to connect to your blog once in your article. You can write on History, Science, Nature, Travel, Movies and what not. We can choose to write on a good range of topics and we just cannot ask for more.

Coming to the payment which is a concern area for many writers today, payment for the article is informed in advance before you begin writing the article and is paid immediately once the article is published. No follow-ups or reminders, your payment automatically arrives in your Skrill account. Yes, you require a Skrill account to get paid and it is easy to register and is free.

I am happy to write about my experience with The Daily Heckle for the benefit of fellow bloggers interested in finding a suitable platform to showcase their skills.

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