Review of Dominos Pizza and its Offerings

Every kid or an adult, who hears the word PIZZA, screams DOMINOS and recollects the last time he ate and yearns for thedominos next time. Dominos has carved a niche in the pizza delivery empire with experience of more than 8 years of existence in India Dominos has created new techniques and innovations which distinguishes itself from other leading pizza chains. With the help of thoughtful advertisements and promotions, Dominoes strives to be one of the leading pizza joints in the world.

Dominos Pizza can be ordered online or with the app or using the traditional method of calling. It gives amazing offers when we order using the internet. For your information, the largest Hindi News Provider, Patrika supports 27coupons which offers lots of coupons for Dominos. For online orders, remember to use the Pizza Slot Machine because it actually works and gives us exciting offers too.

Starting with their pizzas, they have an array of pizzas to choose from depending upon our budget and our choice of toppings. They also have an option of customizing the pizza by choosing our pizza crust and toppings. Note that exercising this option will cost you more.

Pizzas like Country special, Peppy paneer, Cloud nine, Mexican green wave and Veg Hawaiian delight are our favorites. Dominos have a classification of vegetarian and non-vegetarian pizzas and sides by using separate green and red stickers, which most restaurants fail to comply. It is a matter of comfort for the vegetarians to buy pizzas with Dominos.

The margarita available here is worth a mention. This pizza has quite a generous amount of cheese and for those cheese800px-Indian_Dominos_Pizza lovers who want more, there is always this Double Cheese Margarita. The Pizza Manias do not puncture our pocket. Friends can reconnect over Pizza manias.

The cheesy dip and cheese jalapeno dip are very creamy to the core and compliments the pizza well, but the Roasted pepper dip is not up to the mark and can be improved.

Let us move on to the sides…

The new addition, vegetarian zingy parcel is pretty disappointing to us. It is very small compared to the picture with very less stuffing and does not carry the zing we expect out of it. The other new addition, the Subwich does not score well with us. The buttery crusts are very flaky and hard. The stuffing inside does not go well with the bread, making it a very weird combination. It will be great if Dominos does some homework on these offerings to suit the Indian taste.

The stuffing in the Calzone Pockets is very hot and jaw-dropping with tomato and cheesy sauce oozing out with crispy fresh vegetables, making it an extravagant snack.

The stuffed garlic bread is an impressive innovation. Fiery taste of jalapenos and the sweet taste of corn blended with fine cheese make it a delectable combination.

Dominos has something special for the children. Kids would really enjoy the Kids Joy Box.

The flavors of the Lebanese and Mexican rolls tries to capture the authentic taste of the respective cuisine but we Indians are used to our own flavors. It will be great if Dominos revisits these rolls to cater to the customer palates here.

Butterscotch mousse cake is out of the world. We loved the layers of the cake. We seem to be getting different versions of the Choco Lava Cake every time we order it. Sometimes it is dry, other times it is too gooey. It would be lot better if it can be made consistent so we know what to expect when we order the Choco Lava cake. The Nutty Choco Lava Cake makes up for it and is very tasty.

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  1. This page just made me hungry!

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