Is Saving 500 Lives a Appreciable Feat?

In the world where information is everywhere and so easily accessible, many things go unseen. The comfort of having access to information at a click of a mouse or tap of the mobile phone has made us selective about what we want to read. Though it does give us our freedom to choose what we read, we do miss those finer points that go beyond our self missing out the ones who be in the news for the positive approach, courage and bravery. Maybe this is the reason why media resorts to sensationalism to draw our attention but unfortunately for the wrong reasons. So in short, welcome to be introduced to the simple and beautiful faces  lost in the information jungle.

In this jungle, there are few commendable people who have done great sermamtarawatvice to our nation but yet is unsung and unnoticed. #WillofSteel is an endeavor by JSW Steel to provide recognition to such people who make India proud with their selfless service. Every individual listed in had me inspired but I forced myself to pick those who had gone beyond everything we consider valuable and priceless to serve the country and society. The person I write about deserves every vote you cast because they are change makers from a corner of India silently singing the hymn of patriotism with a will and passion and the drive to do such acts which we cannot imagine.

Mamta Rawat – What does this name mean to you? Remember the Uttarakhand Floods and the devastation we faced in the form of lost lives, stranded pilgrims and the complete washout of Kedarnath and surrounding villages. Ask about 500 survivors, they will tell you who she is. The catastrophe affected huge number of pilgrims, tourists and locals and left many missing even today. It was shocking to see a video where few people were walking on a dry river bed and moments after, the river was overflowing with no sign of the people standing there. It is tougher to imagine such situations even in dreams.


In such a situation, Mamta Rawat, a 24-year-old woman, a mountaineer from a small village called Bankoli,  risked her life and possessions to save 500 lives from the gory dance of death. Mamta saved children and tourists without bothering about her house and belongings that got washed away during the floods.

She carried a middle-aged woman who was unconscious, for over 3km on rocky ground  carrying her in her back to facilitate the woman to be airlifted for treatment.

She has meager earnings and is living with six members of her family, struggling to make a decent life with her uttarakandearnings from mountaineering training and adventure trips.

All that Mamta tried was to save lives which she eventually did. Every person whom she saved owes their life to her. Is it not our duty to honor her for this selfless act? If you are reading this and wish to thank her and honor her, here is the way.

  • Click on
  • Click on Vote to vote for her
  • Your Votes can help her to be recognized, appreciated, and also bring out support for her to do much more

Just for you to recollect Uttarakhand Floods, Here is the Video

Let us show the world we care and also care for those who care for us.

I’m voting for Mamta Rawat’s #WillOfSteel and blogging on BlogAdda to help her get felicitated and eventually enabled by JSW.

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  1. This image that was broadcast a no of times is so disturbing and shows the fury of nature at its fullest form.

  2. Archana Kapoor

    very honourable deed, indeed. And I think this was a wonderful choice. Thanks for sharing Katie!

  3. Archana Kapoor

    congratulations on winning 🙂

  4. Archana Kapoor


  5. Archana Kapoor

    Thanks Katie… would love to have you over on Drishti to say that though 😉

  6. Congratulations, Katie…was here to read your entry now 🙂

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