5 Reasons Why I #CantWait4Zenfone2 and How it Fits My Requirement

ASUS  Zenfone 2 is my dream phone as I am a travel addict who loves to capture nature at its best. I had used many smart phones with their own intelligent features but finding a phone that caters to my need was a Himalayan task.

Reason Number 1brandcover

The smart phones I had were limited in their memory. Since I love to experiment with apps, I faced many issues related to memory and in particular virtual world based apps. Another issue I faced with the smart phones I had was related to speed.  They were becoming slower as time passed and needed more response time to switch between a screen to another. ASUS  Zenfone 2 comes with a 4GB RAM which is more than adequate to have my set of apps that keeps running in the background.

Reason Number 2
I am a photographer and have an eye for nature. Being a travel addict, I visit remote places and require that my phone uses the video recording continuously for 15 to 20 minutes at a time minimum. This means my battery drains away fast which is pretty understandable. With the facility of video recording available through a high MP lens, it is but natural for me to try to shoot as much as I can to keep my travel diary updated. The big advantage that I see in ASUS exclusive technology is that it can charge faster than other smart phones giving me my video camera back quickly to ensure that I do not lose much of my required captures.

Reason Number 3
From a camera point of view, a picture perfect image is attributed to shutter speed. Most of the smart phones in the market come out with a camera that has shutter lag which makes it difficult to capture kids’ photographs. ASUS Zenfone 2 promises a Pixel-Master camera capable of capturing high-resolution photographs with no shutter lag. ASUS  Zenfone 2 is a great boon for a person like me who want everything done through my smart phone.

Reason Number 4
Operating flash is another area which is a prerequisite in case the light is less or basically night scenes. So it becomes almost impossible to capture night scenes using a smart phone without flash. In phones where flash is enabled, continuous operation of flash drains the battery. Particularly this can be a very painful situation when you are travelling or bird or animal watching on a top of a tree house in a jungle. ASUS  Zenfone 2 employs low light mode and Pixel-Merging technology to take 400% brighter photos without the help of flash. So the absence of requirement for flash gives me two advantages, saves me battery life and the need to keep conscious of flash use.

Reason Number 5
The last but not the least, is the User Interface experience provided by ASUS Zenfone 2 that I expect which carries the much required engineering research of more than 25 years. It has all the elements to ensure a smooth and breezy experience and with all the features, it is nothing surprising that I want to own a ASUS Zenfone 2.

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