5 Healthy Eating Trends to Watch for this Year

#EatingHealthy is always a mantra for fitness and every year opens up new eating trends as we experiment with what is healthy and what is not.

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Processed food is out, Natural food is in

Previous years saw a surge in processed food tailor made to satisfy diet conscious people. This year, according to NBC‘s Today Show Nutritionist Joy Bauer, is expected to move more towards healthy eating containing natural food.  Expect to see more vegetables, fruits and nuts in a plate with less of sugar or artificial sweeteners.

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Vegetable strips to replace Pasta

High carbohydrate foods such as potatoes, noodles and pasta move out of restaurant menu to be replaced with vegetable strip.  Expect the vegetable strips to be made out of squash, carrot, and beetroot to offer customers healthier options.

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 Eating to absorb food, getting gut conscious

All the food we eat need not necessarily absorb into our system, however healthy we might be eating. Rosemary Ferguson, a Naturopathic nutritionist told BBCGoodFood that juices, gluten free food, herbs such as slippery elm powder and our own turmeric can go a long way to keep our gut healthy and active.

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 Organic Food gains prominence

The harmful effects of pesticides on humans have gained much popularity among health conscious people and the eating trends of 2015 show it.  Going Organic has become the manta and there is also a significant interest in extending support to locally grown vegetables. We can expect this approach to grow bigger in 2015.

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 Exotic Fruits and Vegetables find a place in the plate

A plate of easily available vegetables can be less inviting and hence we see a lot of interest in going after exotic vegetables and fruits. Jicama and sunchokes are finding more takers than it was before, says Bauer to Fox News.

Interest in organic produce and healthier eating options are expected to grow in 2015 but will it satisfy the palate of variety seeking fitness conscious people?

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  1. if one follow this tips for one year, then of course one can see a heather life for long time.

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