Journey on the Boat – #India4India A Magical Transformation in Educational Pedagogy


Illiteracy, the original bane ripping through the country since time immemorial, is presently considered the most compelling factor demanding attention from people across boundaries in the country. Our endeavors take us to Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, where we are a witness to a unique model of education practice which has attracted our attention.

Varanasi, a religious hub in the northern part of India, also considered the cultural capital of India, is miles away from even achieving cognizance of what education would provide their children.

Astounding figures reveal Uttar Pradesh is running a literacy rate of 69.72%, a far cry from the 74.04% in the country and ranking 29th among the 35 states in existence. On the statement that believes in ‘think what you have done for your country than complaining about what the country has done for you’, Ajeet Singh, an activist, started his journey of doing right what has so long been ignored.

Ajeet Singh, through his NGO, has stepped on the gas to ensure children are provided with the knowledge to reason and discern, thereby creating the Varanasi Boat School where the children are encouraged to spend time after their school hours to gather knowledge; the needed direction for the children to do purposeful learning without wasting the precious time of their life in useless pursuits.

What Ratan Tata, Chairman Emeritus of the Tata Group always believed in #India4India and the ability of a man to Do Right. By this, what Mr. Tata has meant is the ability to develop the courage to bring about change by choosing to do what is in the best interest of the nation and its people. By this effort, Ajeet Singh has probably shown the way to go forward for India to attain universal literacy way before the expected deadline in 2060.

But what the boat school needs is a magical transformation as there is a scope for immense development in the existing infrastructure to achieve its purpose. Children need to be provided with better and innumerous sources of knowledge, only possible through funding from us all. The money we contribute is going to be developed into a Scholarship fund that will only go to the betterment of the infrastructure and personal development of the children.

It is our earnest plea for all those who are in the genuine interest of seeing a holistically developed India to visit the website to see and help bridge the gap. Let us show our solidarity towards this cause and create a pool of our hard earned money, so the children of the Ganga, representatives of Future India, will get the learning environment they deserve and become pioneers in making India universally literate.

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  1. What a noble cause! My husband was talking about it yesterday.

  2. thanks for sharing this valuable information…..

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