Review of Careful – A Novel, By Randy Anderson


Careful – A Novel is reviewed by Champa in her teens, an avid reader with interest in reading fiction. She did the review of this book for Chennai focus as we thought it is appropriate to get a teen to write a review of a book meant for young adults. Chennai Focus thanks her for her time and opinion on this book.

Careful – A Novel is a book meant for young adults. The novel is about a 40-year-old guy, Tyler Gibbons who is compelled by his dying mother Peggy to narrate the happenings during his stay in Ambato, Ecuador. Tyler goes and stays in Ambato for a year as a part of a High School Exchange program when he was 16 years old. The secrets he has been guarding for 25 years has created a wound in him. His mother’s last wish is to heal the undying sadness within him by making him profess everything to her.

The story is a heart wrenching adventure which begins with Tyler boarding his flight to Miami for an orientation program and finishes with some pleasant moments. The story also deals with the experiences and relationships he had with everyone he met there.

Tyler tries to become a part of his host family, The Sanchezes. He attempts to adjust with his new life but some events take the front seat and force him to become a man at the tender age of 16.

Peggy, his mother, is sad and intrigued that he had never discussed about his experiences to her and had been only sending cryptic postcards which she had not been able to solve till now. So she interrupts him every time and tries to decode those messages making the story and the character very lively.

The book cannot be termed as an all out young adult novel because it contained mature scenes and LGBT themes in certain parts not quite suitable for teens. The other aspect is it contained too many conversations in Spanish, though a few carried translations at the end of the conversation, it was distracting attention from the story line quite a few times. The novel started a bit slow but picked up after Tyler starts describing the tough stuff.

The cover picture was interesting and was not an easy guess. Later it became clear that it was a portrayal of “Grabby Hands”.

Careful – A novel by Randy Anderson does make a good interesting read.

* Chennai Focus received this product in exchange for its unbiased review. Chennai Focus was not compensated for the review and all opinions are respective reviewers own opinions.

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  1. Archana Kapoor

    Very well written… 🙂
    I’ve written a book review for the first time, do read it when time permits… would love to get your feedback.. thank you 😉

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