Heart Talks and the Soul Listens


In everyone’s life, there are significant few who always make it to the priority list whatever the conditions may be. From time immemorial certain connections are made that never seems to break how much ever time and technology changes our lives.

To anyone, if there is someone more dearer who showers love without expecting anything back other than their parents, the answer must be grandparents. It is possible that parents’ emotions get tied up trying to correct and lead us into a successful life but with grandparents it is always love with a sweet smile and a hug. To children without parents, grandparents fill in both the positions trying to balance the roles of parents and grandparents at the same time.

In my friend Aditi’s case, it was her grandmother who brought her up with all the difficulties one has to face bringing up a small child of 6 without parents. Aditi’s grandparents had many sons well settled with their families and yet her grandmother was living with her son who had a meager earning and was struggling to settle down in life. Her other sons brought her basket full of fruits and high ended items whenever they came to meet her. Aditi did not find it comfortable to get closer to her other uncles as she found them to be too high handed trying their best to keep her at a distance. Though Aditi felt bad about it, she soon forgot about it under the care and love of her grandmother.

Aditi was studious and managed to get good grades but financial situation pushed her into taking up a vocation at an early age of 18. The job that Aditi took up was assembling cassettes, a job that fetched around 300 rupees per month in the 80s. At the beginning of next month, she had about 240 rupees after deductions and it was her first earning. She had multiple needs that demanded attention but she decided to take it to her grandmother for her blessings.

Aditi’s grandmother was so exalted seeing her granddaughter’s earning and hugged and kissed her with all her heart and gave the money back to her to attend to her essentials. Being her first salary, Aditi wanted to buy a saree for her grandmother. It was a struggle between her head and heart whether to get the most pressing necessary things or the saree for her grandmother. Finally, her heart ruled over head and Aditi went to the saree shop. Her grandmother wore the 9 yard saree and she remembered that she loved sandal color saree. With great difficulty she managed to buy the saree with the amount in hand.

Aditi’s grandmother accepted the saree with tears in the eyes and said it is the best gift she got throughout her life. Subsequently Aditi went on to study professional courses, took a decent job and bought her grandmother many sarees but the sandal color saree remained to be her grandmother’s favorite.

It was a moving moment for Aditi when her grandmother died and when she saw her the last time. She was wearing the same sandal saree and she left to the funeral ground with it. Such is the power of actions done by listening to the heart, it lives and enlivens souls.

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  1. We have all known love and grief, and this was such a touching post about both. Salute to unconditional love!

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