Man on a “Machine” Shares the Load


An interesting theory this, sharing the load is a meaningful phrase when it comes to the family. For the “metrogenous” couple, it does not matter who does the chores as long as it is done. There is no bureaucracy here. However, the daily challenge of having the chores being shared smoothly is partially achieved by agreeing on who does the laundry. However, when I do this, I wanted to make sure I do not fumble up the process and hence, was very cautious in executing it. A glimpse on my first hand experience of taking the #WashBucketChallenge with Ariel and my Whirlpool washing machine:

As most modern-day advertisements suggest, I was instructed to segregate the apparel that I wanted to wash first. Next I was asked to know about the temperature and wash settings. It was good that temperature presets were available in our Whirlpool washing machine. I guess most of the washing machines have it these days.

It seems washing is not the same for apparel of different material and so segregation of the clothes had to be done on basis of material and the extent of washing it required. Let me tell you, it was not an easy job for one who cannot distinguish between cotton and nylon. Once the load was segregated and kept ready for wash, I used Ariel Matic as the detergent.

Now came the most difficult part, I was asked to dissolve Ariel in hot water and apply it in the cuffs, collars and pockets to remove tough sweat stains. Once done, it is rest assured the tough stains are taken for a task during the wash process.

Few of my clothes I had brought back from my US trip were singled out.  I was asked to read the available tags and square in on the temperature setting and the type of wash, in other words, the intensity in which the clothes should be washed. Since it had different requirements for washing than the clothes already taken, it was removed from the wash load.

Next came the drying part and I thought that it should be the easier part. But No, the clothes had to be dried inside out and in moderate sunlight as putting the laundry out to dry at noon invariably damages the fabric.

This description would clearly enunciate what a laborious process washing could be. I strongly believe that this lethal combination of Ariel and Whirlpool made it a lot easier for me as they seem to understand each other. To all the “metrogenous” couples out there, we men are ready to kick dirt and wash dirty linen in public literally!

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