Making Life Simpler

A joint family is a place to be, full of fun, sharing, caring and above all bartering work and breaking up responsibilities. It gives us a stress free environment, a learning experience, value for money and above all, a social responsibility of give and take. For the women at home, it is watching television together, planning the meals and managing household responsibilities. It is no more the rule today. Joint families do have working women who refuse to be tied down by household duties and want to be part of the earning gang. Naturally when women start working to take the load off men’s responsibilities, it is the onus on men in the household to take a share out of women’s duties too.

Men were sportive enough to take up the responsibilities but still the majority of the household work lay with the women on the flimsy excuse that they did not know how to do many of the chores. Unfortunately, women did not have that liberty as the men cannot take over their work at office. Women at the receiving end decided to make the household work simpler and started planning different ways of attacking the men who were enjoying both the earnings of women and the benefit of excused household work.

Men love gadgets and the women decided to introduce appliances to make men take care of household work. Pop up toaster, microwave, washing machine, dishwasher, food processor, induction stove, and steam mop found the way into the house which was quite traditional till then. Women of the household did succeed to a level as men found working with appliances better. Simple fact, machines do not make food. They only do what they are instructed to do. It was easier to get the men work on the washing machine, dishwasher, and steam mop but when it came to kitchen appliances, the old excuse returned.

Women were forced to do the preparation which was the real effort and men would put it on the induction stove or microwave and set the timer for cooking. Women had to face men’s claims to sharing the workload and were left with as much work as they had minus few minutes of cooking on the stove which were again stolen by men for confirmation and reconfirmation of the cooking stage.

Left with no more ways to rein in men, women started thinking hard to find ways to make their workload lighter and started looking at neighbors homes for inspiration. Everyone talked about Guptaji and their mouth-watering breakfast recipes. Women of the household had seen Mrs. Gupta many times and she always looked fresh and beaming in the mornings enjoying her time with the kids. With so many people walking into her house for Nashta, she must be a tired woman. So the women of the household decided to check out on her and walked into her house to see what she has to offer for nashta and how she manages it every day.

Now the family has 100s of recipes including fiber rich homeworkwala nashta and yummy coconut ladoos to try out with ease at home, children like it and men too. It is so simple that men are learning it to help themselves of course.

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