Hotels in Chennai Catering to Business Travellers

Chennai is a heritage town situated at the east coast of India, at the geographic pinnacle of Tamil Nadu, one of the most populous and technologically advanced states in the country. Being a hub for commercial and industrial activity for South India, Chennai is home to umpteen travellers visiting the city for their pleasure and business needs. This paves way to endless opportunities for business hotels in Chennai to cash in on the never-ending search for prosperity in the city by immigrants and domestic travellers.

What is worth mentioning is the fact that there are hotels in Chennai that can cater to the needs of both the prince and the pauper to their utmost satisfaction and benefit. Chennai is home to all three modes of mass travel; rail, sea and air. The Chennai Central Railway Terminal is a heritage facility serving as a landmark for people traveling to South India. There are a bunch of hotels near and around, those that offer the best comfort as well as the best value for money. However, considering the profile of passengers that the Chennai Central Railway terminal handles, there is comparatively lesser number of high-rating business hotels in the surroundings.It would be worthier to mention the hotels near Chennai Airport as vast majority of the travellers arriving by flight are here on a business need. Hence, business hotels in Chennai enjoy enormous foot falls as compared to those in the non-metro cities.

People travel to Chennai from various states within the country, and also from other countries in search of opportunities to expand their cultural exposures and business ties. This has prompted a situation to classify hotels in Chennai into multiple categories; some of the most significant being the star rated hotels. In the past decade, Chennai has become home to 2 seven-star hotels, and numerous additions in the 5-star category. The second tier includes boutique hotels, serviced apartments, lodges and the like that cater to a mass market in the business travel space and to field level staff traveling on work tours.

This has helped the entire gamut of business hotels in Chennai thrive and serve its customer base to their optimal satisfaction and loyalty. The geographical prominence of Chennai has given an opportunity to attract the best investors in the hospitality industry, eventually leading Chennai to being one of the most sought business destinations in the country.

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