Energy, Dedication, Commitment at its Best at Shraddha’s Draupadi Kuravanji


Shraddha, a group promoting theater, staged Draupadi Kuravanji in Kattaikkuttu, a traditional art form in Narada Gana Sabha during the weekend. To all those who want to know what it means, remember the olden days when people spent nights watching the epics, Ramayana and Mahabharatha performed in open grounds, it is the same form much similar to Theru Koothu. P.Rajagopal, a humble man is the founder of Kattaikuttu sangam.  Read about him here.

Kattaikuttu1It was indeed a nice experience watching this performance in an air-conditioned auditorium. Most of the performers were children and amazed us with their commitment, zeal, dedication and ENERGY. The entire performance was played without any sound system and the training imparted to them to throw their voice should be lauded. People could hear them speak in an auditorium with 1000+ seats.

Bright dresses, painted faces and quick elegant movements left everyone awe-struck.  Tamizharasi as the soothsayer, won our hearts. Her performance and her body language was superb. We could feel the presence of a soothsayer in her language and delivery. The artiste spun and danced for minutes nonstop and delivered dialogues after it. We expected her to gasp for breath but she was cool and delivered her dialogues with finesse.  Two young boys Inbarasu and Ajay donned the role of Kattiyakaras, stole our hearts with their natural act.

The performers and P.Rajagopal spoke and sang in chaste Tamil which we could not understand most of the time. It cannot be termed negative because the art was presented in its traditional form and it is how it should be.

The play gave us wholesome entertainment and an insight into an unknown story from Mahabharata.  It was a delightful 1.30 hours of traveling in a time machine back to olden days albeit the environment.

Kudos to Shraddha for taking so much efforts to bring them to Chennai to perform for us.

To know about Kattaikuttu Sangam, Visit here

To know about Shraddha, Visit here.

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