Request Theatre Lovers To Help a Cause

Prayatn Stage is coming out with their 2nd Tamil Play of 2015, ‘ID’  on April 29, 2015 at Narada Gana Sabha in the Kartik Fine Arts Summer Drama Festival.

To keep the Tamil Theater going, Prayatna Stage K.Vivekshankar is going into Crowdfunding his forthcoming Tamil Play, ID.  He requests interested people to get in touch with him to contribute whatever they can for this project.

Prayatna stage is also conducting an audition for aspiring actors to be a part of the forthcoming play ‘ID’ and their subsequent plays.  Prayatna is staging 3 plays this year. The first ‘Nadhimoolam’ was staged in February and received good reviews from media and audience too.

It may be interesting to note that K.Vivekshankar was the writer for television serials such as ‘Veetuku veedu Looty’, ‘Engirundho vandhaal’ and many productions of Minbimbangal (owned by K.Balachander and his son, B.Kailasam) , ‘Bommalaatam’, and many more.

To know more about Prayatna and  K.Vivekshankar check out

For further details,

Contact : Mr. K. Vivekshankar  @ 9841433965,  email :

Let us show the world that we care for our art forms.

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