Quilling, Scoobie Strings, Loom Bands and More

For those without a teenaged girl at home, these terms would not mean anything. It is very common to see mother folk sulking about the children not having the fun they used to have in their childhood days. But the fact is they too have their piece of fun and in the own way. The terms in the title are the activities they pursue which can be matched to the beads stringing and wire baskets we made during school and college days. A hobby that improved our concentration and motor skills and also a smooth introduction to arts and crafts.

The difference here is the activities pursued by us were general in nature, may be a purse, a desktop item or a wall hanging but these items help them to make ear rings, key chains, finger rings. It got personal you see. Do make your daughter a part of this group and for sure, she will get hooked on it.

The logic is simple, teenagers today are fashion conscious and have enough channels to keep them busy. Anything that goes beyond them is a burden. So it is best to introduce them to such activities where they make their own stuff and show off to their friends and school mates. But be ready to have your mobile filled with Selfies in their own creations. A small price to pay for weaning them from mobile, internet and television channels. Our benefits are not over yet, it also saves us from spending on those matching earrings, and bracelets they demand with every dress they buy. And also from buying those birthday gifts for their friends as they find it a pride to gift what they had made as a mark of ‘friendship’.

Now, let us come to understand what these are and where to get them –

Quilling : Read about Quilling in our earlier post Learn Basic Quilling and Shapes

scoobieScoobie Strings :

It is a long thin tube wires available in different colors and textures (Opaque, transparent, semi transparent).

Check out this video to learn to work with Scoobie strings

Courtesy :Emily Jayne

 Loom Bands :


Loom are colored rubber bands which when knit together makes colorful wrist bands, finger rings and more left to the creativity of the maker.

Check out this video to learn how to work with Loom bands

Courtesy : Ava’s Bright Ideas

There are many more videos for learning these activities.

You can get Quilling, Scoobie strings and Loom bands in the following shops

1. RS Shopping Centre

 Address :   LB Road, Venkata Rathinam Nagar, ( Opp to Adyar telephone Exchange,) Adyar, Chennai,20

2. Raja Thread Store

Address :  in the lane beside Textile india, off Ranganathan street, T.Nagar, Chennai.

3. Tina, the art and craft shop

Address : No.11, TNHB Shopping Complex, 100ft Road, Vadapalani, Chennai.

4. Madhu’s Stationery Planet

Address:  New #90/Old #64/8, Narayana mudali street, Sowcarpet, Chennai 79

We do get it in Amazon.in and Ebay.in but the cost is bit higher compared to our local shops.

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  1. 4. Madhu’s Stationery Planet 9884449822

    Address: New #90/Old #64/8, Narayana mudali street, Sowcarpet, Chennai 79

    Thanks for the above address i have found loombands at wholesale Price.also lot of Craft materials like Quilling paper , terra cotta Jewellery Making Moulds etc at very reasonable price.

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