Traditional Fragrance, Our Own Spices NUTMEG and MACE

maceFragrance has a unique bonding with me. It brings about memories of those lovely times I had with my mother and the tiring times I had trying to work out a Mathematics problem in the school garden. In both the cases, it is the smell of flowers but different ones that evoke the magic of triggering different feelings in us.

 I cannot refer to fragrance without referring to a friend whom we called so adorably as ‘fragrantica’ for her habit of drenching herself with a specific perfume. The best part is she overpowers everyone with her fragrance and that included some awful food smells and thankfully, her perfume smelled well too. Just the word fragrance brought so many things in my mind and hence, the choice of what could be my favorite fragrance is not an easy choice.

 I am a nature lover and so my thoughts rush to those lovely hills and the lush gardens I had been to, but yet I am unable to pick out any in particular because hills are treasure trove of nature presenting a bouquet of different fragrances sometimes enhancing or overpowering each other.

 I would dedicate the fragrance I loved most to the culinary tour we undertook to explore the interior part of Tamilnadu. We came across a treat from Tribal people living in the base of Nilgiris and they invited us for dinner.  The food was simple and highly aromatic and we could not help asking about the spices.  It turned out to be MACE and NUTMEG added to the broth cooked in mild fire. The whole place was so fragrant that we were so satisfied with the aroma than by eating the food.

 I understand spicy scents are part of the perfume industry, but I really wonder if the NUTMEG and MACE are part of it.  Its fragrance is fresh, crispy and should suit any formal occasion.  I would be quite happy to purchase one for my car or home if I get to smell them more often.


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