Life is a Challenge, Face it

A person can be said as successful by counting the number of failures he has had before reaching his success. This might sound good in words but to experience it in life is a big challenge.  Today in the world where money speaks, it is not easy for anyone to quit a coveted job however demanding situations are.  Funny it is that certain scenarios change equations so fast that those things which meant the world to you sound insignificant and worthless.

I started out as a small timer in the huge IT industry when the term software was hardly known. Self help and much of stints in training subsequently brought in better jobs and slowly moved onto working with a multinational organization. A dream come true for many those days since such companies hardly existed then. Growth became smooth with foreign assignments and management position. It was nearly 12 years of hard work to get to this position. Software industry is dynamic and so required constant updates. So it was balancing family and career and it was manageable until my daughter was born.

A child has no reasons to adjust and needs everything done the way it should be whatever may be your commitments. With a responsible position, it is not easy to shirk work and long hours were order of the day. Moreover travel was indispensable and inevitable. I did feel it was growing out of hand with no support and emotional tension. Then came a day when I had to be traveling at work when my kid was sick. The emotional trauma was too high to balance and the decision was taken.

I quit my job and decided to stay at home. Though I commended myself for this bold decision, I could not hide my dejection for few months. All of a sudden, I decided I am not quitting so fast and started looking out for work from home and telecommuting jobs.

I had to realign my skills to suit the demands of work from home jobs and I started getting a few one time jobs. I registered myself with freelance sites and started bidding and got few permanent clients.  Working from home requires more discipline than office and it took me about 6 months to settle into it. We should allocate the time and work diligently without taking that advantage of being at home and trust me. Work from home gives you the twin advantage of being at home and having a decent income.

Today, I have no regrets and I am happy to be at home to attend to my family priorities without compromising on my career.

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