A Soliloquy to My Daughter, Is she listening?

 As a daughter to a middle class father, I had very few things bought out for me as toys. As any successful person would do after achieving a well settled life, my priority was to keep my daughter happy and provide her with all those I never got to enjoy when I was small.

It so happened that I traveled a lot during her 1st year and as my organization permitted taking the kid along, I would take her to different places.  She became social and would cling on to any of my colleagues and start to play with them.  When it was time for us to leave, she would refuse to come with me and insist on staying back with them. It was highly embarrassing to pull her off as she clings to my colleagues not to forget mentioning about those good-hearted souls feeling so sad about missing her. When I was concerned about her at work, all the time, she was a happy baby being pampered by them.

 I too had a typical fancy of a mother to have my child play with ‘foreign’ toys. So the ordeal began scouting for colleagues who have gone to US on an assignment and their possible return dates. Once I zeroed in on the guy, the next step was to identify a suitable, non breakable toy that she would be proud to have as her toy. Finally, the decision was made on a lovely Barbie set with as usual with a high price tag. The doll finally arrived and I was so happy and proud to give it to my daughter.  I was waiting with a camera in my hands to take a picture of her with that ‘International Barbie Doll’. Lo! Within minutes the doll was thrown off straight with such a speed, I could hardly see it as it flew. Before I could understand what was happening, she happily went into the kitchen and came back with a glass full of water and spoon and started making noise with it and pouring water over her and playing with it.

She never liked the Barbie doll in spite of my repeated attempts to include it in her play toys. It took more than 3 years for her to appreciate the importance of ‘Barbie Doll’ but by the time, it was already half dead with cut hair and torn clothes.

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  1. I am sure the cutting and bruising of Barbie would have give her immense pleasure 😊
    Hope you continue to have a good time together.

  2. soliloquy is surprising word nowadays! i am reminded of Shakspere! GPS

    On 3/9/15, Chennai Focus – A Tabloid on Chennai

  3. LOL. When we are little, we are clear that happiness doesn’t come attached with a price tag. Only when we grow up, we start believing in such rumours! 🙂

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