Traditional Secret – Natural Preservative-Free Mango Pickle

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For nine decades, the Arjun Raja family in Rajapalayam have closely guarded a mango pickle recipe. And while they may not be sharing it yet, you can certainly get a taste of it now. “We have our own mango grove in Rajapalayam and make at least 150 kilos every year, that’s sold to friends and family,” says Chinmaya Arjun Raja, founder of Tasting Pleasures, a wine and gastronomic club.

Raja has now started the Panakam project, to identify other such families making preservative-free, natural pickles, with traditional family recipes. That’s why all the pickles sold under his brand Panakam, will bear the name of the family that makes it on the label.

The labels also display the year the pickle was made, because like wine, these pickles get better with time. “Our mangoes are sun-dried and naturally fermented. They are stored for five to six months, as that’s when they taste great,” he informs us, adding that the pickles can be aged for years. While the Rajapalayam Mango Pickle is the only version available under Panakam for now, we’re assured that four more pickles, including two from families in Andhra, will be added by summer.

Cost : Rs 175 for 350 gms

For further details Contact 9789059024

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  1. Mango pickle is getting hard to find and increasingly expensive. I wish success to this project

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