Optimism is not attitude; it is a way of life

Life is full of challenges and everyone successful in this world has a story to tell and is a source of inspiration to others. A house is not built with bricks but is a home of hearts. Being an IT consultant is a source of challenge and many times, it is big efforts compromising family time to succeed in getting across solutions that win management approval and subsequently the project.

 One such situation came up, when there was a need to leave my sick child to go to Hyderabad to do a presentation for a big project. The presentation should be done to several teams and there was a need to stay back for 7 days.  Heavy competition was on cards and the need to impress the management was the requirement of the hour. It wasn’t easy as there was a need to manage emotional tension and work pressure and I should say emotional tension took its toll. The presentation did not go as expected and after a tiring week,  I returned home quite dejected.

 There was lot of hope on this project and it involved more than 3 months of work to get this presentation done. This project meant decent earnings and an opportunity to pitch in for bigger projects that come in the near future.  Disappointment was unfathomable and writ all over my body and face.

 As I reached home and saw the faces of family members and my child and their happiness in seeing me back, all I could do is a gentle smile that I forced onto my face. Most of the times when I am unsuccessful, my family members beaming faces put back the optimism and hope for the future back into my being.  This time it was different and I felt the defeat and the big question about my future lingered in my mind.

 After a long nap, I decided to stay away from work for a couple of days and be with the family and my child in particular. I watched television and nothing seemed to interest me.  Suddenly I saw my child playing with her blocks. She was trying to arrange them one over the other. Every time she arranged 4 of the blocks, the blocks tumbled. Unrelentingly, she tried again and again and after nearly 15 times, she succeeded in arranging the blocks. Sometimes it was 4 or 2 or 5 blocks when it tumbled, nevertheless she never quit trying till she succeeded.

 My child set me thinking and she taught me an important lesson in life with her untiring efforts.  She taught me optimism with one game play. When optimism and hope for future sets in everything becomes right. I got a confirmation call from Hyderabad that my project presentation was approved.

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