Krishnamurti Foundation – Residential Retreats

Residential Retreats at KFI, Chennai

Palm HousePeriodical weekend retreats and half-day programmes are held involving dialogues and viewing or listening to video, audiotapes.

A residential retreat offers an opportunity for those who are interested in seriously exploring the fundamental problems of human existence. The serene atmosphere and the silence that envelops the place lends itself to such an enquiry.

Participants especially those coming from outstation are welcome to stay a few days more either before or after the retreat if they so wish. The number of participants in the Retreats will be restricted to approximately 20.

Kindly avoid last minutes cancellations and inform us at least 3 days in advance to enable us to accommodate others on waiting list.

Forthcoming Retreat


Dates: 27 – 29 March 2014

Quite often we are hesitant and unsure about the appropriateness of any particular course of action or decision.  Going by reason, facts or logic one course seems to be better, but our inner urge suggests another course.  What should our action be based on? What should be the deciding factor?  Is there an action of intelligence which will include all the factors – the considerations / concerns of practicality and reason, and the promptings of the heart and take the right step / action.

For further details regarding Registration Form and Fee please contact:

The Study
Krishnamurti Foundation India
Vasanta Vihar,
124&126 Greenways Road,
R.A. Puram,
Chennai – 600 028.
Tel: 24937803 / 24937596



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