Fashion: Flats is the Trend Today

Ballerinas for women are better known as ballet flats and take its form from the soft shoes worn by woman ballet dancers. Since these shoes were worn for dancing, it is flat heeled or has very hardly identifiable heel.

Ballerina flats

Flats are the trend today

Ballerinas for women have become a trendy fashionable accessory today and it can be found in the wardrobe of fashion conscious women. Today, it is common to find more than 3 pairs of footwear and certainly leather ballerinas, suede ballerinas and canvas ballerinas are sure to find a place in it.

Wait! One important thing, Fitting matters! So buy a ballerina that fits you. Since the hold of the ballerina is in the way it clutches your feet, make sure to buy the right size to ensure that the flats do not slip out as you walk. If you are tall, it is easy to carry yourself with those elegant ballerinas  without adding those extra inches to your height.


  • Avoid trousers and pleated pants as flats in this attire can make your legs look short.
  • Ballerinas can be best paired with skinny jeans to accentuate the flat look.
  • It may be a good idea to try out ballerinas in contrast colors. Flat ballerinas come in as red ballerinas, blue ballerinas and velvet ballerinas to help you choose the one that best suits you.
  • If you are wearing a short or knee length dress, ballerinas for women are the right choice to give a classy look to your feet.
  • Flat ballerinas are ideal for pregnant women as heels are a big NO during that time.

Imagine wearing a red floral dress with the beautiful red ballerinas; it is picture perfect and is sure to make you a center of attraction. Buy Ballerinas for women and add it to your wardrobe to make sure you are not left out with the fashion trends today

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