Review : Nadhimoolam Tamil Play by K.Vivekshankar

Further to our writeup on Stage play, we took the initiative to followup on the Tamil Play Nadhimoolam being inaugurated in Mylapore Fine Arts Club hall.  The play started on time, by 7 PM and Mr.K.Vivekshankar dedicated the play to Mr.B.Kailasam,  his mentor and son of Director K.Balachander, who passed away recently.

We are not discussing the play or its theme or photos in detail as it would play spoil sport to those who are planning to watch the play. Right from the stage setting to artiste performance, we could see the efforts that has gone into making of the play.  Story line was so absorbing that we did not know that it was just above 1 hour 10 minutes before an intermission was announced.  The play surprised us with its content that we never thought could be achieved through such a limited medium and budget.

The script and dialogues did make us realize that there was so much potential in what could be said within 1 hour 45 minutes. We could not help but compare it with the heavy budget movies with so much cast and exposure failing to hit the mark. It proves once again to us that content is king and script and story makes the success and failure of any media.

We were quite happy to have witnessed this Tamil play than being glued onto the television watching Super Singer or being there in the venue where the audience were just pins and dolls to increase the TRP of a television channel.

It is time we contemplate on our time and its use. We wish Prayatna team all success for their play today and tomorrow (21st February 2015 and 22nd February 2015) and also request them to take this good play to as many places as they can and reach more people who are theatre lovers and give them an opportunity to watch such a GOOD PLAY.

For those interested to watch the play

Venue : Mylapore Fine Arts Club (Next to St. Isabels Hospital), Musiri Subramaniam Road, Mylapore, Chennai

Date : 21st February, 22nd February 2015

Time : 7 PM

Admission is Free on 22nd Feb 2015. Courtesy : Sri Parthasarathy Swami Sabha.

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  1. Thank you Chennai Focus. It was our pleasure to have you in our new play Nadhimoolam. We thank you for your continued patronage and your interest in reviving this form of performing arts.


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